Fr Z comments on predator priest crisis


Folks, I know that you are really angry. The depth of ugly you see in the news is often not nearly as deep as the ugly that some priests see. You are surely and rightly angry. Do you think that we priests are not?

I have to remind myself that when Our Lord cursed the fig tree before His Passion, that wasn’t the model that we priests should employ when it comes to homosexual predator priests.


I believe Fr. Z’s stated support for “lethal force” (i.e., killing) in the face of “homosexual aggression” would not find support in civil law in most circumstances.


What he said was edifying until he got to the LATIN part of his spiel. Then, I mentally drifted away.


From Fr Z’s article

This scandal is about HOMOSEXUALITY.

Actually the report from Pennsylvania had the stories of little girls being fondled and raped by priest. These are pedophiles, not homosexuals.

Yes, many of the sex abuse case around the world involved homosexual priest, but the recent report mentioned above, it’s not all homosexual priests with teenage boys or seminarians.



I find the turn Father Z’s blog has taken in recent days deeply disturbing.

Very disappointing as well, for such a reputable priest. He’s behaving like ‘the homosexuals’ are going around trying to abuse heterosexual men. Really quite nasty. These people deserve love and respect, not insults. I hope Father Zuhlsdorf understands that. He seems awfully prideful for someone going on about repentance every other post… Not to disrespect our wonderful priests of course. Just my take on a very public one’s opinion.


I don’t recall him advocating lethal force; although he did call to mind Our Lord’s words about millstones.


What shocked me was the idea that these priests would use the seal of confession to prevent other priests for reporting them.

I thought it was insightful to say that the priesthood needs to be prepared for the innocent to be punished along with the guilty.

I am also concerned about calls for the government to investigate. I have no issue with the government investigating and prosecuting crimes, I don’t think we want to government involved in how the Church does business!


This isn’t about homosexuality. This is about rapists. And many girls were raped too. This is about priests abusing their position of power. Even some nuns were involved


I’m sorry, could we not include graphic details? Not all of us want to read such horrifying things.


Actually in some circumstances it would in NY. Rape and commission of a Criminal Sexual Act (the term that NY uses to denote non-vaginal rape) are specifically listed as felonies against which the use of deadly physical force is authorized. One is still required to use the minimum force necessary to stop the threat however.


It’s true that not every case of abuse was homosexual in nature, just the vast majority. But the grand jury report, the Boston Spotlight report, and the John Jay report were all reluctant to admit the obvious problem of homosexual predation, as are the media.


fine, out of respect for this website i’ll edit it. but it did happen.


I think I must be weird because I’m not angry at the Church. I’m angry at the people who did wrong but not at the Church as a whole, and I’m saddened by those who were harmed, but overall the Church as a whole has not wronged us. Individuals within it have.


i’m angry at the church. it’s more than just those involved. many priests who were not involved didn’t inform the public/authorities so that those abusers could be brought to justice.


Thank you, I’m grateful. It’s just that, though I realise we shouldn’t hush this up, I don’t think such graphic detail is necessary to convey the true horror of what happened.


Fr. Z also wrote:

“Do not… do NOT… slip into the trap that I see in news stories and fuming posts with sloppy language about how, “These bishops and priests! They all failed us!” No. They did not all fail you. Some did. They’re failures were galactic and all priests are suffering the fallout. But don’t turn your wrath and blame on every priest and bishop. That would surely make the Devil grin. That’s the objective, after all. Through some attack them all.”


Exactly. Not EVERY priest and not EVERY Bishop is guilty. Not EVERY priest and not EVERY Bishop knew. It’s dangerous and uncharitable to presume they did.


I don’t blame every priest and bishop. But if 10% of doctors abused their patients and even more knew about it and covered it up, I’d probably Stop going to the doctor


Yea, that was pretty funny. I thought he might have created a new meme. The Devil hates Latin:

  1. …and Chinese drives him crazy.
  2. … so remember this kids when you are taking it in school. Don’t be like the Devil.
  3. …He’s not too crazy about Algebra either.

As to the point, he is not the first to suggest putting homosexuals to death. The Germans once did the same thing.


Not exclusively, but the amount of homosexual abuse was far greater than the percentage of gay men in the world. Without this homosexual abuse factor, the abuse would have been lower than any other grouping in society. This is why one of the major steps the Church took was banning those with this tendency from seminary.

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