Fr. Z--Predictions for 2018

Father Z’s predictions for 2018. I think he’s wrong on No. 4, but probably right on No. 10.

What a sad little planet we live on.

Who is Fr. Z that one might take notice of his prognostications?


An inappropriate mix of politics and religion, even if he is joking. .


Putting the political predictions aside, I agree with most of these except #4, #6, and #9, which I have no knowledge about.

#5 is probably a done deal at this point and not much of a prediction; 2018 will be the beginning of the end of priestly celibacy. If Pope Francis lives to be 90 or older, I predict that priestly celibacy as a discipline is as good as dead.

#7 is probably right, the numbers go up every year, but I wouldn’t expect any large increases any time soon.

#8 is Cardinal Sarah’s term up this year? If so this prediction is surely correct; Pope Francis is probably counting down the days until Cardinal Sarah gets the old heave-ho. Don’t know if he’s right about who will replace him though.

#10 I’m pretty sure is a joke as they don’t even name Monsignor’s anymore I believe.

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I think celibacy is here to stay.

If I recall correctly, there was a move in various dioceses sometime after Vatican II, to eliminate the bestowing of the Monsignor designation in the future. But the practice has I think, somewhat returned. We had a priest named as Monsignor several decades after I thought he would normally have attained it. It’s a way to recognize and honor a priest who has given long and honorable service, and who will not be appointed bishop.

Nevertheless, I doubt that the designation will be given to a priest who writes blogs and comment on controversial manners, such as Fr. Zuhlsdorf. Such is life.

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Per @Rau who’s Father Z?

Apparently some people are totally ignorant of Eastern Christian practice.

I see this consistently on this forum, and it’s very sad.

An introduction of married Roman priests would no more render celibate priests dead than it has in the East for two thousand years.


Here is a short bio from Wikipedia.
He is not a Monsignor.


Fr. Z aka Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is a popular blogger among those who read Catholic priest blogs, and especially conservative Catholic priest blogs. I didn’ t know who he was either till last year. I have some salt he exorcised and blessed because Fr. Heilman (another popular priest blogger who leads a lot of rosary novenas) was handing it out in the swag bags at the National Rosary Rally last October in Washington, DC.

Sometimes Fr. Z has something interesting to say, sometimes I disagree with him. (Same for Fr. Heilman though I think he is doing the Lord’s work in promoting devotion to the Rosary and consecration to Mary and prayers for the Poor Souls; many of his readers are unfamiliar with some or all of these concepts. ) Where I disagree with Fr. Z, I just take it with a grain of (exorcised and blessed) salt.


A Priest that most progressive Catholics would surely dislike. For starters, his love for the Extraordinary Form.


That is a rather unseemly game for a Catholic Priest to be playing? :astonished:

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I agree. I don’t know a lot about the Eastern Catholic Churches, but my understanding is that while a married man can be ordained, a priest cannot marry. And a married priest may not become a bishop.


Yes that is the discipline. You are correct.

What is a “progressive Catholic” and why would they automatically dislike the EF?

A lot of forward-thinking people like tradition and retro stuff. There is actually some kind of a handbook for “Catholic hipsters” available on Amazon that contains supposedly “forgotten” prayers one can say that are actually traditional devotions, such as Louis de Montfort’s consecration to Mary prayer.

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Does he disparage the Ordinary Form of the Mass?

No. Not to my knowledge.

Yeah I’m somewhat familiar with the title, I just thought Pope Francis stopped the naming of new Monsignors not long after he became Pope, but maybe I misunderstood or am not remembering correctly.

No. He is, however, critical of certain aspects of it.

But so am I. :wink:

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