Fr. Zuhlsdorf on Tenebrae

A podcast by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on Tenebrae. The chants on this podcast are excellent, and Father explains Tenebrae perfectly. He also has quite the voice:)

Just out of curiosity, was anyone here able to attend Tenebrae using the pre-concillar Divine Office this year?

I did; it was absolutely beautiful!

Where did you attend Tenebrae, UKCatholicGuy?

At this beautiful church in Cincinnati. I think it’s called Immaculate Conception. But I thought you already . . . nevermind.:wink:

Oh. But I thought the indult in Cincinnati is at Sacred Heart parish. :confused:

I live smack dab in small town upper midwest and we had tenebrae…in fact I was the light snuffer. I am not sure if it was pre vat II stuff but there was latin chanting in it.

Since I was the snuffer I couldn’t hold the hymnal the chant sounded like "miserercordi dominus…la la la la la la al…

SOund right/

It’s my understanding that Immaculate Conception is run by the SSPV. Therefore, I would NOT attend Mass there. But, I went only as an observer to a beautiful Tenebrae service, because they are known to have one of the most beautiful choirs in the region.

Yeah Immaculate Conception is SSPV, its an awesome
church though.Just as an aside though, if you want to see the highest of high ceremonies, the only place to go is St Gertrude’s in Cinci.

The New Liturgical Movement mused about experience of the traditional Tenebrae at Mater Ecclesiae in New Berlin, NJ.

(It’s currently a few posts down, but as they don’t seem to have permanent links I can’t guarantee how long it will stay that way)

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