Fractions as extreme evil?

We all know that numbers, such as the numbers three and 40-days, have biblical meaning, but what about fractions? I heard that fractions represent extreme evil.

Where did you hear that fractions represent extreme evil?

Probably algebra students.

I mean that seems to be the case from my experience.

A group of protestant ministers. Go through the Book of Revelations and the fraction, indeed, sound sinister.

Fractions can be your friends if you give them a chance.All I’m saying is give fractions a chance.:wink: Do not judge a fraction by its cover. Love fractions with all your mind, heart and strength. One fraction a day keeps the doctor away. Fractions were created by God and God creates no junk…

I’ve never heard of fractions being evil. I do know that pi is very good. Fattening, but good.

I’ve heard that infractions are evil, and you might have some coming your way…

Seriously though? Fractions are evil?

Numerical significance in the bible tends to be derived from multiple usage across books, such as 3, 12, and 40. If fractions are only found in Revelation, I don’t think that is enough to give them biblical significance.

I dunno… Some fractions are improper. (I’m looking at you, 22/7)

I think a more relevant question is, “Why is Robert Sock so anti-science and mathematics?” If not for science and mathematics, he would not have a computer through which he could complain about science and mathematics to people all across the world. :shrug:

Robert, why on earth would you pay any attention at all to these protestant minsters?!?!?

Then again, pi isn’t a fraction…

You might be partially correct.

Speaking of extreme evil, that pun…

I’ll take wisdom and knowledge where ever I can find it. I’m not saying that fractions do represent extreme evil, but it a thought that deserved discussion for me to see if anybody else on CAF knows anything about it. It still sound plausible to me.

I also like delving into Judaism, and I find it very rewarding…

Did you know that 75 percent of people make up 3/4 of the population? :smiley:

Being sarcastic is immature.

Wasn’t intending that as sarcasm, Robert, just having a moment of levity - I live near a sign company and they had that up on their sign and I thought it was cute. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. Peace? :slight_smile:

One of us is being irrational. Probably me :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’d be improper to be rational. 22/7

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