Sometimes it really, *really *hurts to discover that you’re as fragile as you truly are - to look inside and see so much sin and brokenness. It’s a moment for true humility, but it can also be a moment for despair. Pride does not go easily into the night.

Thankfully I have a Lord who loves me, who gives Himself to me, and who can be my strength during my greatest weaknesses.

Thankfully I have a Mother who applies the strongest astringent to my wounds - for though it may sting a little, the infection dies and she pats me on the head and sends me on my way with a loving reminder to be careful next time.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

very true. And next time you see someone even more wretched than you, you are filled with tender mercy and compassion!

Beautiful post. Scary how thin the veneer of “respectability” can be.


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