Fran Keller to be freed in satanic abuse case


Austin American-Statesman:

Fran Keller to be freed in satanic abuse case

Fran Keller, a former Austin day care owner who said she was swept up in a national hysteria over satanic ritual abuse, is expected to be freed Tuesday afternoon after spending 21 years in prison for sexual abuse of children in her care.The Travis County district attorney’s office agreed not to oppose Keller’s release but stopped short of endorsing her claim of innocence, said her lawyer, Keith Hampton.
The agreement will allow Keller, 63, to post a personal bond and be freed from Travis County Jail Tuesday afternoon, Hampton said. Her husband, Dan Keller, could be released from prison under similar conditions as early as next week, Hampton said. Dan Keller turns 72 Friday.
Hampton vowed to continue efforts to establish the Kellers’ innocence. In the meantime, he said, Tuesday was a day to celebrate Fran Keller’s freedom in time to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

The Kellers, tried together in 1992, were sentenced to 48 years in prison after three children from their home-based Southeast Austin day care made allegations of sexual abuse that included strange and horrific rituals.
For those who believed in the prevalence of ritual abuse, the allegations were powerful proof that secret societies and dangerous cults — often protected by top politicians, business leaders and law officers — engaged in depraved attacks on children who could be dominated and indoctrinated through pain, humiliation and terror.

But for Hampton and other skeptics, the Kellers were the victims of an investigation run amok, featuring poor fact-gathering and interview techniques that spurred three young children to devise ever-more fantastic claims of abuse that should have raised doubts. Instead, in the hysteria over similar claims at day cares nationwide, the case spiraled out of control, Hampton said.

I can remember there was a slew of “Satanic ritual abuse” cases from the mid-80s and into the 90s and a lot of people went to prison as child abusers so I can’t imagine what hell they went through.
Even at the time I thought these cases sounded like BS. If a children denied being abused they were obviously suppressing memories of said abuse which so-called “experts” helped them recover.


A modern-day witch hunt perhaps? My prayers for all those falsely accused, and for their accusers too.


I join in with prayers for all the children involved; must have been a nightmare for them as well even withf alse allegations with interviews etc.


So are these two innocent then?


My daughter,now forty years old,was the victim of satanic ritual abuse between the ages of two and four.This done by a neighborhood playmate’s dad and mom.
Her memories starting emerging when her own daughter was at the age her abuse started.
The suffering my daughter endured at the hands of these depraved,sadistic monsters,continues today.It is only through the Grace of God that she is able to work,get her master’s degree and care for her children,while also dealing with a disabled husband.
Rarely are these charges false,better that you focus your prayers on the victims of these horrific abuss.::frowning:


Very probably. I live in south Texas, and remember the case well. The whole thing was hinky from day one. I’m sure there are some good articles on the internet.


Please read my post re my daughter’s abuse.This angers me that those who have never experienced abuse in any of it’s forms,either personally or by knowing someone,are so quick to dismiss these abuses as a figment of the victims’ imaginations.:(:(:frowning:


I did read your post. Now please actually read mine. I was very clearly referring to one particular case.

I don’t understand why you’re accusing me of saying something I obviously did not say. Save your anger for someone who actually thinks there’s no such thing as ritual abuse.


My apologies.Having said that,after reading the article on SRA it seems the general concensus is that this is just too horrific to be true.There was a time when I might have thought the same thing.Sadly,watching my adult daughter over the course of the last decade,suffer from memories she had repressed,the most painful being the last to emerge,dissassociative identity disorder,I know all too well that this was and most likely is still prevelent.:frowning:


It must have been horrific for your family, and I’m very sorry for what you’ve been through. Unfortunately, the false accusations of any sort of crime make it harder on real victims like your daughter.


Thank you.:wink:


I’m truly sorry for what happened to your daughter. That information alone however, does not give me a basis to say whether false allegations are rare or common. I pray for all involved, especially for those who need it most.


Thank you!:slight_smile:


Heres a link to the Oak HIll case the one in which Fran Keller is implicated

To me it sounds like a case of histeria that happened around that time period

And although the majority of SRA cases are fabricated I will say that there are theistic Satanists or devil worshippers active in our world today who are very dangerous to adult and child alike but that they prey on loved well cared for children in daycares is disputable they would be more likely to prey on run aways or children who they saw as vulnerable that wouldnt be such a threat to tell or be missed.

Regardless my prayers are with all true victims of abuse of every kind


What do you remember well that made you say it was hinky?


Your link cites a doctor who testified: *[Dr.] Mouw testified at the Kellers’ trial that he found two tears in the girl’s hymen consistent with sexual abuse and determined that the injuries were less than 24 hours old.*That doesn’t sound like it’s hysteria, no?


the doctor that examined the young girl also said this

Three years after the trial, while attending a medical seminar, Mouw said a slide presentation on “normal” pediatric hymens included a photo that was identical to what he had observed in the girl.[4][5 or so says wikipedia

Now I mean hysteria in a satanic sense since alot of abuse was blamed on satanists or to have a satanic element to it around that time also this part of the story struck me as odd

The Kellers faced a six-day trial, during which the original child claimed no abuse had taken place but she had been told to say it had. Despite this retraction, the Kellers were given sentences of 48 years each. Later investigation of the case revealed serious problems: There was no physical evidence of abuse, a retracted confession that the investigating officer did not believe, flawed medical exams of the children, testimony by a dubious “expert” on satanic ritual abuse, and the prosecution withholding information from the defence.[2]

Now Im not saying that these people are innocent of abusing the kids since some evidence of sexual abuse was found but how was no forensic evidence found if what the kids alleged happened wouldnt there be dead animals, evidence of graves disturbed a murdered adult and a baby where are these bodies?


This type of abuse is based on terrorizing the victims.My daughter has memories of having to watch/ participate in the killing of small animals.As far as murdered adults,she too claims to have witnessed a hanging.My theory is this was an effigy,not an actual person.Remember,with toddlers and small children,perception is reality.As unthinkable many of these acts seem,they do occur.
Re this particular incident,I can’t say,however,my daughter repressed these issues until thirty some years later.In retrospect, some of her behaviors as a small child,extreme fear of needles,etc. and a subsequent panic attack as an adult after receiving acupuncture,validate her memories.:frowning:


This article itself seems contradictory. First the doctor said he found evidence of abuse 24 hours after examining the girl. He said this in court supposedly. Then 3 years later he said she was normal, but that was not court testimony, just something he said at a “medical seminar.” Then this article says there was “no physically evidence of abuse.” I mean, which is it? Total hoax? Some abuse exaggerated? Intimidation? More? I guess we don’t know.


Yes what I am pointing out is the Keller case seems more from what I can see to not involve devil worship or ritualistic elements whether they are guilty or not no one may never know but they must have been to have been in jail so long

Also so sorry that your daughter suffered this horrible abuse prayers are with her

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