France allows employers to ban wine in workplace



France allows employers to ban wine in workplace

Alcohol in French working life is actually mandated by law. Until now, the “Work Code” stipulated that employers could not ban beer, cider and wine from workplace canteens and social drinks in offices.
Other beverages – such as spirits – can be forbidden under the code, while drivers, medical staff and machine operators (among others) can be banned from drinking at all if they are on duty.

But the French labour ministry ruled this week that employers may henceforth forbid their staff from drinking wine – France’s most recognised export – and cider in the workplace.
The ministry argued that alcohol can, “threaten the security and the physical and mental wellbeing of workers.”

Alcohol abuse causes around 49,000 deaths in France annually, according to a study by the Institut Gustave-Roussy, one of the world’s leading cancer research institutes.

Employer may ban drinking – I wonder how many will?


Welcome to the growing Islamic influence in formerly Christian Europe.


Honestly I’m surprised it took them this long to make it legal to ban alcohol at work.

Seems prudent to me, for the most part. However I may not understand French attitudes towards wine etc. They may very well be moderate in their usage, I doubt it though.


Yes, exactly. If not for those darn Muslims, American workers would be happily knocking back a few beers or glasses of wine during their lunch break.

Clearly, France needs to make a stand before they suffer what we have endured here in America!


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