France Bans Ad Featuring Kids with Down Syndrome


Yes, you read that correctly.

*On November 10, however, the French State Council (Conseil d’Etat) upheld a ban instituted by Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) that claims the commercial is unfit for television because it’s “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.”

In short, the commercial has been banned because of the possibility that women who aborted their children with prenatally diagnosed Down syndrome will feel uncomfortable or shamed when watching it.*


How disgusting and cowardly. This was a beautiful ad.


Islam allows abortion up to 120 days for mothers choosing to terminate the life of children with birth defects including downs syndrome. I wonder if the growing population and influence of Islam in France has anything to do with this. Consider the the other tug-of-wars going on there.


This is vile. I had immense prenatal anxiety and was obsessed with what ifs, especially since my husband sadly has sometimes expressed very uncharitable attitudes towards the mentally disabled. The video in question helped greatly ease my mind when I was awaiting screening results.


Unlikely as the UK aborts 96 % downs

This week I was out shopping and paused in the entrance to a supermarket, watching a young mother putting a warm coat on a toddler.

The love flowing between them was palpable, pure gold,and he was visibly a Down’s child’;

Do these women know what they are destroying?


It doesn’t.

Abortion of downs children is the same, roughly, everywhere there is abortion. Around 90%.

In addition you would not get a downs diagnosis that early.

Christians are plenty capable of evil. You have as much to fear from Muslims as your Christian neighbors


It’s a beautiful ad. I can see why a woman would be afraid with this diagnosis which is exactly why this ad needs to be seen. Horrid discrimination against Down’s people old enough to undertake that France is basically confirming that society does not want them to be alive


Here in Killarney there is a thatched cottage cafe, through the Golden Gates opposite the cathedral The staff are adult Downe’s people. They are paid properly and have bank accounts etc.

It can be done and why not?


if the personal life choices are so lawful, why would they be worried about such disturbed consciences? people must really be feeling a lot of guilt.

I know most of you think this is crazy, but just imagine for a second if it directly affected your life. because it s

I’m positive many people have aborted children that would be blind, so does that mean one day someone is going to tell me im not allowed to smile in public too? because it might make someone else feel bad?


My wife has a friend Ira who has a Downs Syndrome child. When the mother was pregnant a great deal of effort was placed on her to abort and she had to keep repeating she did not want an abortion endlessly. It is standard policy in the UK to push you towards abortion in such pregnancies and has been for many years. My late mother was a nurse and once had a blazing row about these sort of issues with a doctor calling it ‘unspoken murder’ where it is dressed up to look more socially acceptable.

As to Islam, I think we should be very careful of trying to find convenient scapegoats to pin problems like this on.


How would Planned Parenthood respond to such an ad in America?

If certain people were in power here, isn’t it easy to imagine such an ad being declared unlawful?


Christians are plenty capable of evil. You have as much to fear from Muslims as your Christian neighbors

There would be disagreement on that assessment. It’s not Islam that is worrisome (they compete for influence and followers same as any other religion), it’s sharia law and the fact its activists are building a parallel society in Western Europe.

Just imagine the reaction if the TEA PARTY in the American South and UKIP migrated to France and demanded special, separate courts and no-go zones isolated from French secular society.

First-world news would give it 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage with the usual smattering of xenophobia, homophobia, bigotry, racism, ect. instead of trying to cover for it.


UKIP and the Tea Party are political movements and not a religion. Also UKIP has quite a few Muslim members, especially amongst the older generation. This comparison seems fallacious and forced. The issue of eugenics and some kids been more desirable than others long predate major Muslim migration to France and has been an issue in Europe for many decades . Attempting to go it’s ‘them uns’ with their ‘funny ways’ creating this issue is doubly ironic given the topic of the thread.


The comparison is just fine in terms of the mainstream media standard. While I do understand that the :cool: thing to do is to resolutely defend Islam at any and all costs, my commentary was strictly about double standards of media coverage, not to suggest that Islam is always wrong and UKIP/TEA PARTY is always right (or that they are all mutually exclusive) or that Muslims even requested this ban. I’ve already stated I doubt they have and I don’t agree with UKIP or the TEA PARTY on everything.


I doubt this ban is at the request of the Muslim community. It may be done on their behalf by secularists or maybe a feminist thing, but I doubt Muslim leaders noticed and lobbied for it.


The ban is more rooted in a long history of children such as this been seen as undesirable. Eugenics was long fashion and respectable in the west, both in the US and Europe. Why Islam was even introduced to the thread is ultimately mind boggling.

‘Defending Islam resolutely’ and been cautious when people seek convenient scapegoats via the most tenous links (or none at all) are two very different things. Women been quietly urged to terminate children such as this or allow them to die quietly pre-dates legalization of abortion and there was always pressure to remove such ‘burdens’ from society in a variety of ways.


Not at all. Influence from Islam in especially France and Germany continues to be on the rise.
As you pointed out

Eugenics was long fashion and respectable in the west, both in the US and Europe.

You must look at recent cultural changes and persuasions to find the source of the new ban. Christianity is no longer the view of most Europeans. Bans like this needed a tipping point …a source. So what gives?


I recall metro of Seattle pulling pro-life ads from their buses after protests and this was quite a few years ago. (Remember the picture of the little baby? and the slogan: Enjoy life, good things come in small packages?) Evidently, some found it threatening.


Let’s not forget the pro-death folks and their treatment of Sarah Palin & Trig back in the day…

The frequently offensive, liberal host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher has a history of targeting Palin and her son with offensive remarks, on various occasions referring to Palin as a “c—t," a “t–t,” and a “bimbo.”

On another occasion the comic reportedly repeatedly referred to Trig as “it” during a monologue questioning Palin’s qualifications to be vice president, before concluding, “Does anyone in that party understand the concept of pulling out?”

In a post on his blog, Futrell said he was “disgusted and a bit surprised” by Maher’s joke, but even more disgusted by the crowd’s laughter, which he said was “the most disturbing part of all this.”

This is just one example. The “progressives” had a lot of laughs and giggles at Trig’s expense, he wasn’t genetically perfect see, so he was fair game. It didn’t help poor Trig that his mom was a Republican either.


The vitriol spewed at her and that child was disgraceful. For all their talk about “choice”, they hated the fact that someone made a choice with which they didn’t agree.

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