France may penalize internet pirates

Stealing is wrong, even if it’s called “file sharing.”


Maybe France should form the Pirate Party (“Piratpartiet”) as they have in that heaven on Earth called “Sweden.”

Same goes with downloading roms and music. It’s also illegal.

File sharing… and …stealing from a store. Let me think. Take music downloads. I usually don’t support major label bands (aka I don’t listen to it). Most of my money spent on CDs would end up going to the record company and not the artist themselves. That’s a terrible system. I feel the best way to support a band is to attend a concert or buy merchandise.

I’m not sure that the French bill is going to pass. The Senate approved the measure in October, and I couldn’t find any more recent information about it. One article notes this:

The bill sets up a tussle between France and Brussels. In September, the European Parliament approved by a large majority an amendment outlawing internet cut-off.

The amendment, part of a wider telecoms bill, was then defended by information society commissioner Viviane Reding after President Sarkozy earlier this month sent European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso a letter requesting he work to overturn the parliament’s decision.

This might explain a delay in holding a final vote. I am unfamiliar with how conflicts between the European Parliament and the parliaments of member countries are resolved, so if anyone wants to shed some light I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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