France: Muslim student barred from school for wearing long skirt [CC]

Citing a law that bans students from wearing religious garb in the classroom, a school in northeastern France has decided that a 15-year-old Muslim girl is not permitted to wear a long …


“It was a concerted action,” said Patrice Dutot, “with a will to put a [religious] identity on display.”

I think, with this, we can officially say that France has become completely secularize.

Are you kidding me, she’s wearing a skirt; even if it was religious, IT’S A !@#$%^& SKIRT… This is what happens when you start ignoring reality, you lost all attachment to to anything rational.

Now Now Now, its the French you know. :smiley:

Apparently what happened, according to the principal, was that all the Muslim girls in the area decided that they would all wear the same style of long black skirt.

The unspoken part of the story is that over the last couple decades, if the French Muslim girls in a rough neighborhood all decide to do one thing to show they’re Muslim, a lot of Christian and Jewish and none of the above girls get beaten up and harassed by the French Muslim “youths,” until and unless they do the same thing. Doing the same thing is seen as a sign of proper submission to Islam and a sign of Islam’s eventual conquest, and therefore, much glee ensues.

In this school, apparently a little farther away from the rough neighborhoods, there was only one Muslim girl. But in context, wearing the skirt of the movement was pretty similar to wearing a gang sign, or telling all the other girls in school that they are going to get beaten up and harassed. So French secularism does have its problems, but in this case there is meaning behind the madness.

However, there does seem to be some question as to whether the principal was wrong about the Muslim girls setting this up as a provocation, in this specific case. (This would be analogous to misinformation about just what constitutes gang signs, which is pretty prevalent in small towns that don’t have much gang activity.)


since they are French maybe it was a badly designed skirt? You know how sensitive the French are to fashion. :wink:

yeah, they are nuts.

Subject to confirmation, then, it looks like barring the girl because of her long skirt was probably the right thing to do.

France is well known for being militantly anti-religion in their schools. Christian children are not allowed to wear crucifixes or crosses in school, Jewish boys are not allowed to wear the kippah, Sikh boys their turbans etc.

Having said that the girl said that the skirt is not religious garb. The school insists that because more than one girl wore the long skirt which means it was an organised attempt at wearing religious garb.

Call the riot police we have young girls wearing long skirts. :eek:

I think it’s a ridiculous law.

That goes too far. When I wear a skirt or dress, it’s always quite long as I prefer to dress modestly. If they apply that rule to Muslim women, they will have to begin applying it to all women. So now women are required to flash a little leg in France? Shaking my head

I think the reasoning used was that it was a concerted effort by multiple Muslim girls to wear the same type of garb as a religious expression.

Remember, France does not have our Constitution nor does it look to US Supreme Court decisions to make its rulings.

That being said, I personally think such a policy is harmful in the long term.

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