France’s interior minister Gérald Darmanin has threatened Catholic demonstrators with a police crackdown if they do not desist protesting a ban on Masses

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" # VIDEO. Covid-19: Gérald Darmanin ready to have “believers” fined in front of churches, “from this weekend”
“There will be no more weekend of leniency”, warned the Minister of the Interior on franceinfo.
Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, said Friday, November 13 on Franceinfo ready to send police “to verbalize believers” who gather “in front of churches”. Hundreds of Catholics gathered Sunday, November 8 to pray in front of churches in Versailles and Nantes, whilecontainmentis in force throughout France to fight againstCovid-19. The French Bishops’ Conference lodged an appeal with the Council of State so that religious services can be celebrated again despite the confinement. The summary judge of the Council of State rejected the request on Saturday, November 7.

We try as much as possible to do pedagogy. I do not think that the role of the police and the gendarmes is to verbalize people who are in front of places of worship. But if we have to do it, we will end up doing it.

Gerald Darmanin

to franceinfo

"Life is more important than anything , continues Gérald Darmanin. And life is to fight against the coronavirus. So, I do not want to send the police and gendarmes to verbalize believers in front of a church, of course. it is about a repeated act and which is manifestly contrary to the laws of the Republic, I will do it, from this weekend ", he repeated while insisting: " There will be no more weekends. end of mansuétude ".

The minister recalled that places of worship remain open: “A minister of worship can continue to do his office and film his office” so that during “the confinement, we can have a link with his religion”, he said Explain. But “there can be no religious office, given the gravity of the situation”, concluded Gérald Darmanin."

Auto translation, one of the new forms of hilarity of the digital age. ‘Vebalize believers’. We have some native French speakers on the forum, anyone willing to have a shot at translating this more accurately. As an educated guess I presume the minister meant to imply he didn’t want to castigate or punish the faithful unduly if he could avoid it. My French is awful though so educated guesses are my limit in the language.

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Footage of those Catholics threatened with a crackdown outside Saint Sulpice in Paris. This is a massive church and probaly the second largest in Paris.

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