France Shuts Down Three Mosques and Four Muslim Prayer Rooms

PARIS — The French government has shut down three mosques and four informal Muslim prayer rooms out of concern that they were contributing to Islamic radicalization, the French interior minister announced Wednesday.

The minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, told the National Assembly that the action was necessary after the deadly terror attacks in and around Paris on Nov. 13, which left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

“There will be complete firmness against those that preach hatred in France,” he said.

Two of the shuttered mosques are in the greater Paris region and one is in Lyon; four “clandestine” prayer rooms were closed in Nice. The closures are to last only as long as the national state of emergency does, Mr. Cazeneuve said.

Not good. Won’t this risks the appearance that this is a battle against a particular faith by the French gov? If they do this to some can’t they do this to any faith they deem hateful?

Part of me understands what they’re doing, particularly if they have specific threats that have been made or specific public harming direction being given by the people running these locations. But if it’s just the general tenor of what they’re saying in these mosques, it’s a slippery slope they’re standing on…

Then again France is almost militant in it’s secularization these days so it’s not totally surprising they’d stand on that slippery slope (or if they eventually slide down it).

From a freedom perspective, it’s a slippery slope no matter how one looks at it, but the reality is many of these places are funded from abroad with a specific agenda and they do evidently inspire radical actions.

I would hope that a lot if not most of the people who attend services ignore the more hateful rhetoric, but when one is talking about the lone gurnman mentality, that’s hard to stop. And like it or not, this is a war of ideas and ideology.

In Europe it’s been going on since at least the 1970s, and Greece and some Eastern EU nations actually have some pretty solid restrictions on religion. It does hamper freedom of religion, but these nations are also exercising their sovereign rights.

Yes and no. For some Americans, it is perhaps shocking, but they could point right back to the US and say what about forcing Catholics to pay for contraception and suing bakeries and florists? That’s when the moral relative arguments and picking winners and losers arguments begin.

Religion in many EU nations is actually regulated somewhat and it’s not terribly new to them.

I’m not critiquing the exact situation either way in this post, I’m simply pointing out that Europe is a lot different than some Americans seem to think.

Good. Secularism is a farce. These mosques breed terrorists. Shut them all down.

You do realize their brand of secularism if taken to the extreme could come for your church next right?

France slid down that slope back in 1789.


Don’t people know American churches are under surveillance? If a priest gets up to tell people how to vote for a particular party, then he is in big trouble with the government.

Are you serious? Seriously.

Really? all of them?

“Catholicism is a farce”. These Catholic Churches breed pedophiles". “Shut them all down.”

That generalised, narrow line of thinking can work both ways.

France has declared marshal law, which in effect suspends certain rights and privileges of its citizens. The government then has the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to contain or eliminate the dangers or threats facing that country.
The steps that are being undertaken seem reasonable.
No analogies to the situation in this country in general and Catholicism in particular apply, unless the US declares marshal law and targets Catholics as the potential threat.

People here forget the incarceration of Japanese Americans who lost everything and put in concentration camps.

Most countries overcome by Islam could not recover their own identity…and what happened in WWII does not address the 1400 year history span of Islam’s quest to make the whole world muslim.

If a mosque is in good faith and has good conscience, I would think they would comply considering all the damage that could be done…and the radicals are getting their hands on dirty bombs.

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