France tells British voters migrants will flow to Britain after EU exit


**France warned Britain on Thursday it would end border controls and let thousands of migrants move on to its neighbor if British voters backed leaving the European Union.

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron also said France would open its arms to British-based banks wanting to stay in the bloc, in comments published just before Prime Minister David Cameron met President Francois Hollande at an Anglo-French security summit.**

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It’s interesting that France considers migrants weapons, and is threatening to attack Britain with them should the British vote to leave the EU.

The implication is that France will pollute Britain’s gene pool with an unconventional weapon of mass destruction.

It’s unspoken, but that’s what they’re actually saying.

One wonders where the germ of this Nazi-esque bio-warfare strategem originated.

What are the origins of “the migrant crisis” again?


Remember the England and France were bitter enemies for centuries. I’m sure that there is still some deep-seated animosity between them.


There always has been. Surprisingly, much stronger than between France and Germany, which have fought a war within living memory.



Isn’t that strange? Britain and France were prepared to go to war against each other as recently as the 1890’s over African colonies.

France and Germany were involved in 3 major wars (Franco-Prussian, WWI, WWII) in the span of 75 years.



Well that’s not very nice of them.


Not to mention the whole issue with Alsace-Lorraine.


Yeah, fair point. Might have the opposite affect on the British voting though.


Well, the UK could always secure its border…


The UK is bitterly divided over the issue of Europe. The issue crosses over political Party lines uniting the far-Left and far-Right in a curious and less than charming alliance. Only the centerist Liberal Party is fully pro-Europe; the rest are split badly on Europe. Politics here is very different from the USA. Equally Catholics too are divided and unlike the USA many Catholics are on the Left as well as the Right. The young tend to be pro-Europe; the Old anti-Europe. The French and English have a huge cultural divide between them and secretly enjoy sticking it to each other. Its an historic thing dated over centuries long before the USA was founded by Britons ( which is why the official language is English not French).


The USA has no official language. English is used as a lingua franca but it is not an ‘official language’ .


The U.K. “Border” is already more secure than man could ever make it.

Didn’t help much in 1066 though.



Not many other countries can say they have no wholescale invasions of a major kind that succeeded in in night on a1,000 years however. Certainly the USA cannot as it was invaded by the British less than 50 years after its formation.


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