France to shut down up to 160 mosques



Well, it’s unfortunate it has come to this, but many mosques in the West are funded by radicals from abroad.

People, including Muslims as the Al Jazeera link shows, are tried of radicalism infiltrating mosques.

This is nothing new, and I suspect it’s been going on for decades.

France is a sovereign nation and can take this action.


I see nothing wrong with this considering the serious problem France has had with terrorist attacks the past 3 years.


where’s all the absolute religious freedom zealots?


If the prior comment is trying to be PC, I would suggesting reading the Al Jazeera article where at least one Muslims was defending France’s actions.


If the prior comment is trying to be PC, I would suggesting reading the Al Jazeera article where at least one Muslims was defending France’s actions.

there are people who believe religion is should be absolutely free from any government control. basically the aclu argument. the church teaches that religious freedom has limits.


Good for France! A least one government is taking responsibility in protecting it’s citizens.


:okpeople: David Cameron!?! :sleep:


Yeah, but its kind of a “reap what you sow” kind of thing.
The French government doesn’t have to close Buddhist Temples, or Jewish Synagogues, or Churches. If you think about it, the mosques in Paris that preached radicalism and violence already breached the separation of Church and State thing themselves. They’re advocating violent means against the government. That’s basically sedition. That’s definitely way across the line of separation of Church and State. The idea of separation was meant to protect Churches from the state, because historically they were the ones threatened. But, of course it can work the other way. I think the atheist argument that Churches interfere with the state and violate it that way are almost never true that way though.


France has never had an easy relationship with religion. During the Middle Ages there was such a bust up between Church and State that the Church withdrew all Priests from Paris, so there were no funerals and NO WEDDINGS (!) for more than a year. It was Phillipe le Bel who got rid of the Templars. Then of course the appearance of Hugenots was a problem for a Catholic monarchy, the Revolution when huge numbers of nuns and monks were executed. In 1902, I think, France expelled all nuns and priests and forbade them to own property. Naturally, this is a country swift to take action.


First of all, I thought I understood CAF does not link Michael Voris articles, who I certainly would not consider a news source.
Secondly, I can find no other mainstream or legitimate news source to verify this article.
Do you have such links?


So closing mosques will fix everything?


France has a good history of being tolerant of difference and welcoming of diversity.

I trust that if they are closing down some mosques- these may be real hot-beds of radicalization and in need of shutting down.

To translate: I can’t see them doing this willy-nilly.


That will just scatter the ants to other parts of the house. At least they’re in one place now.

There’s an old military means to handle such situations in the army. If no one will come forward to take responsibility, they simply blame everyone. The psychology in justice for this lies in the fact that each person isn’t simply his own but now a piece of the whole. Training instills this to new troops. Usually this weeds out the bad guy and he becomes ostracized.

What should be done is simply to hold the Mosque leaders accountable for anything that can even remotely linked to it. It’s already used broadly as a policy in the West’s discrimination of that ‘pool of financial resources’, the Institution of the Catholic Church. I would be willing to bet that after a few arrested Mosque leaders go by, that things get ironed out real quick internally. All this is drastic of course, but I bet it works. The message is that they need to screen much more closely.


If the government closed my church, I would take up arms. If the government disallows one religion, they have precedent to disallow others.


Related, Muslim-majority nations like like Tunisia have shut down many Mosques.

Tunisia to close down Salafist-run mosques
Government to shut mosques and radio stations not under its control following reported celebrations over troops’ deaths.


Is your Priest preaching you should commit acts of violence?

Peaceful Muslims need to start differentiating themselves against the radical sects fueling terrorism.


That must include bakeries, florists, inns and hospitals that wish to follow their conscience on moral teaching.

However, using an institution to commit crimes against people is not acceptable “speech”.


If I understand this correctly, some members of these institutions being closed are already taking up weapons or at least being told to in some manner of time.


How do the Peaceful Muslims differentiate themselves? There are naive kids, criminals and people with mental issues that are attracted to these terror groups. The vast majority are good people like the rest of us.

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