France Wants to Legalize Terminal Sedation


French President Francois Hollande wants to allow physicians to keep terminally ill patients sedated until they die. The proposal comes amid a national debate on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

French doctors are divided on the idea of palliative sedation.

…Hollande stopped short of recommending lethal injections and avoided the terms euthanasia and assisted suicide, highly sensitive issues in this majority-Catholic country.

Instead, he called Friday for a law that would give people “the right to deep, continuous sedation until death” - at patients’ request, and only when their condition is life-threatening in the short term.


That’s interesting. I thought that was something that was already allowed. Isn’t it just putting someone to sleep? Does the Church say anything about this?


If the sedation does not cause death and is for the relative short term, I can’t see that being against Catholic teaching.


I can see problems with it. If the sedation is continuous, then the patient has no opportunity to say, “Wait, I would not like to be sedated any more. I have something to say to my family,” or whatever. Since doctors can’t really always predict how long someone will live, the patient may think they are talking about a matter of days, but it could turn out to be a matter of weeks.

I’m not a moral theologian, so I don’t know if that is necessarily immoral, but it is certainly problematic. To my mind, there is a big difference between constant sedation and even 95% sedation.



Is the French proposal for only adults?
In neighbouring Belgium children are legally permitted to give consent to their own euthanasia.

I can understand why the government of a secular/atheist country would want to expedite the death of a… youre_gonna_die_anyway person taking up valuable time and space.

But I can’t imagine why the relatives of a high-needs, terminally ill, hospitalized family member would want that person permanently sedated/comatosed until death.

…I mean, what then would be the point of regularly visiting with them in hospital, or bringing them flowers, spending time with them, or holding their hand?


What are they supposed to say when the anti clerical socialists are in power? They don’t care what the church thinks. Thats what the people get when they vote in these far left parties. The exact same thing happened in Spain. UMP (like the peoples party in Spain) is too cowardly to do anything and dislikes the church almost as much as the socialists. Unless National Front miraculously wins elections nothing on social policy is changing for the better.


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