France's Dwindling Mass-Goers Means Demolished Gothic Churches

GESTÉ, France — The soaring steeple, airy flying buttresses and steep slate roof of the 19th-century parish church that dominates this town in western France is — like many other village churches in France — scheduled for demolition, a victim of its size, its condition and, ultimately, municipal budget concerns.


Truly sad to lose beautiful old churches.

Sad that France has lost her faith.

During a sermon, a priest said: “Once upon a time, France was known as The Eldest Daughter of The Church. These days, the old girl seems to be suffering from amnesia.”.

I wouldn’t say that all of France is loosing the faith. What needs to be done is for those within the Church of France who have brought it to it’s demise to be held accountable and removed. Such as liberal clergy, religious, and the laity who have all but taken over the Church. They need to go and go now!. The Pope needs to re-introduce an Office, but in modern non violent form. But effective!. The Office of Inquisitor!. I’m not joking !. Something drastic needs to be done to get rid of these people. Here is a good example why from an Anglo-Catholic Blog (Yes Anglo-Catholics are or will be in communion with Rome probably starting this year).

From a parish in France,

Anglo Catholic Article with Battle of Thiberville talked about at end of article.

Here are more full videos from what had happened

It all started with the French Revolution, which was determined to wipe out the Catholic Church.

It’s truly horrifying…

Sigh, if this is not the final lead up, it certainly is a type for those times, just like Julian the Apostate’s reign.

They close the gothic churches, but keep open the round barns.

Do you know the name of that book, its about french families after the revolution who tried to keep living the old catholic way and it was really hard and they were persecuted? I think its possibly fiction, or at least in story form?

I’d like to read it

France’s Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterand, probably attended the demolition and hailed it as a great movement toward a completely secularized Europe. I wonder if the destruction of sacred structures “thrills” that grotesque pederast as much as the “sexual slavery” which so excited him during his time in Bangkok. France keeps sinking further into a dark pit of its own choosing.

This is a very good one – a true story:

For Altar and Throne - The Rising the Vendée

That’s the one! But its $155 used… is it out of print? :frowning:

I went to a lovely Catholic wedding in Rouen, France many years ago. Lovely church but it seemed to be in want of maintenance. It is a shame this is happening.

That price was a shock …

Fortunately, it’s still in print by the publisher:

For Altar and Throne - $13

Thanks so much! I just placed my order :slight_smile:

Ignoring the naughtiness of the French for a moment, a Church completed in 1870 isn’t exactly likely to be an architectural glory. Don’t Americans have redundant churches that are disposed of/demolished?

I’ve never seen a church with flying buttresses in North America.

True. Also, a Catholic Church completed in 1870 at least in the U.S. would qualify for historic landmark status (and thus, protection) on that basis alone.

For those of us who live in towns where a fair proportion of buildings predate the US by a few centuries, 1870 is ‘yesterday’ architecturally-speaking. :slight_smile:

I so agree with you. they should be ashamed of themselves. they are given in to the secular world and no one is standing against them. these Church were built by the people with a lot of hard work so that the liberals who have no appreciation for beauty can destroy it without mercy. they are lawless men who have no respect for God. they are lovers of themselves and full of fear. they have given up the Faith. the Faith that so many died for. i am amazed how these men can get a way with such a thing.

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