France's Le Pen: ban religious symbols in public [CWN]


Citing the need to combat Islamist extremism, the leader of France’s third-largest political party said that France’s ban on religious symbols and garb in schools should be extended to all public places.



That will be hard to enforce.


Very disappointed in Le Pen. She should have proposed a law giving the Catholic religion primacy in France.


I wear a Tau so I’m not sure many would recognize it as a religious symbol. I could just be a big fan of torque.


Why would she do that? Is she even a practicing Catholic or practicing any sort of religion? This is all really the fruit of the French Revolution drawn out to its logical conclusion. I suppose you could say it started with the dissolution of the monasteries and Catholic religious fleeing the country during Napoleon’s reign.



To expect such a law to be passed or proposed in France would be highly unrealistic. Catholicism had such a status in Ireland from the late 1930’s till 1973 or so, at which point voters a referendum was held an d the provisions pertaining to that were removed from the constitution.


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