'Francis effect' drawing thousands of Catholics back to churches, survey suggests [CC]

Catholic priests report that a “Francis effect” is boosting the size of congregations in Italy and Britain.Slightly over half (51%) of priests interviewed in a recent Italian survey …


Praying that this trend will continue


And will keep praying


If people are returning to the Church and experiencing conversion, it is the work of the Holy Spirit. God may very well use the Pope–and you and me–to help souls find Him, but can we please leave the clericalism behind? If you are a Catholic because if this or any other pope, can I humbly suggest that you’re doing it wrong?

I’m inclined to agree with you.

Glory Be . . .

I sure hope this starts to happen here in the USA. So many have left the Church.

I agree. A person’s faith should not rest on a particular Pope or Bishop or Priest, but I have never known anyone to find or return to the faith without that move being instigated by the life/example of some good Catholic whether in the clergy or laity.

You may be right. Many Catholics probably lost sight of their faith in part due to the quality of Church leadership and message over the past couple of decades. The Church offered little in terms of actually carrying out the Word which left people feeling abandoned. The Holy Spirit through Pope Francis has set the Church ablaze by rekindling, reigniting the true message of our Church. We’ve been mired in our judgemental attitudes and self promotion for too long and the Holy Spirit has given us a breath of fresh air. We need to focus less on ourselves, our desires, our wealth and start carrying out the mission Jesus has given us. I agree the “pope effect” is the Holy Spirit and I believe the Holy Spirit has chosen our pope to be its messenger.

Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air, so I’m not shocked this is happening. Hopefully, he will continue to “shake things up”

If it means anything, it seems the number of seminarians had started to grow again before 2013.


An awesome Pope.

He needs to visit my parish and teach our priest a thing or two! We have an unpopular priest! lol

The example of others is always a great way of converting the fallen away or non-believer… and who better than the Pope?

Pretty amazing fellow. He came at a great time.


I wonder what the ‘Francis effect’ is doing here in the states?
I was at a parish a couple of Sunday’s ago that I usually do not go to and notice it was completely packed! This particular parish has room for at least 500-600 people. I wonder if any priest here in the states can comment on this?
I have a feeling that the Holy Spirit is using PF to bring people back into the Church who have long been gone, even my conservative methodist grandma really likes him. I say thanks be to God if this is true!

My parents left the church when I was little. I tried going back to Mass while in college. With no spiritual direction, I was caught up into the protestant world by well meaning Christians who invited me to their churches. My entire adult life I have been comparing protestant churches to the Catholic church of my youth and they have all come up lacking. Yes, PF is a breath of fresh air, but it is not just because of him that I am reverting. It IS the faith and example of Catholic friends, and their loving patience and reeducating myself in the faith. The parishes in our diocese are packed also, they have been building bigger ones that hold 4-5 services on Sunday.

Hey Casilda, if you don’t mind me asking, do you live in Texas? I have noticed the same thing all over the state as it concerns larger parishes being built and holding several Mass’.

I seem to recall another Pope who was quite popular and seemed to turn things around until he died. His name was Pope John XXIII.

The Holy Spirit has many ways to reach into our hearts. The Spirit touched you thru your personal friends and he’s touched others through the Pope. Glad you have found your way home. Wishing you good journeys.

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