Francis factor blows away Vatican cobwebs

I actually really like this article. I’m not sure what “AFP” is, but they did a very good job writing the article while also clarifying that many misconceptions about the Pope (like the mistaken idea he’s changing doctrine) are, in fact, complete misconceptions.

Always good to see an accurate article from what I’m assuming is a secular source :thumbsup:.

“and the rituals at St Peter’s continue to follow their timeless rhythm.” :doh2:

They’re sacraments, not “rituals.” “Rituals” sounds like something a Satanic group would do. :tsktsk:

AFP = L’Agence France-Presse

Yes, they are a secular source. AFP stands for: Agence France-Presse (AFP) it is a French news agency, the oldest in the world. It is the largest French news agency and one of the largest in the world. It is similar to the Associated Press (AP)

Well yeah. But the overall tone, for once, didn’t seem to be hostile to the Church, so I don’t think they meant it like that. I just took it as a non-Catholic attempting to discuss what a Mass looked like to them.

Also thank you to the people who explained AFP to me :).

Yahoo is secular and left-leaning. They can’t seem to get enough of the Huffington Post. :rolleyes:

It’s not just about being hostile to the Church as it’s also about trying to use Pope Francis as their vehicle to infect the Church with social liberalism.

Well, it gets in a few digs as you’d expect, but considering this is a secular news source, it’s actually not too bad.

I hope and pray that this kind of coverage marks the begining of a shift in how the media presents him, and maybe this is the start of a turn away from the “uber-liberal spirit of Francis” narrative (probably not, but I can hope).

Exactly :thumbsup:

Hopefully, we have years for the press to settle down over our new and yes exciting Pope. Even after the left and right, realizes doctrine is not going to change, I think all will find that the coverage still remains positive.

Pope Francis lives and has always lived in modest surroundings. For the sake of his office, he does observe and maintain the trappings of his office in his role as head of state, without excess, but all know where his heart lies, and that is in the spirit of love, mercy, charity, and humility.

Yahoo is an aggregate site. It’s fine to criticize their journalism, but this isn’t their journalism. Your insult seems off-base here. Did you even read the article?

Again, did you even read the article? They didn’t do the latter either, and in fact, emphatically stated several times that he has not made any changes to any doctrine in the Church.

:thumbsup: to both of these.

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