Francis’ Humility and Emphasis on the Poor Strike a New Tone at the Vatican

[LEFT]VATICAN CITY — He has criticized the “cult of money” and greed he sees driving the world financial system, reflecting his affinity for liberation theology. He has left Vatican officials struggling to keep up with his off-the-cuff remarks and impromptu forays into the crowds of tens of thousands that fill St. Peter’s Square during his audiences. He has delighted souvenir vendors near the Vatican by increasing tourist traffic.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires,[/LEFT]has been in office[LEFT] for only two months, but already he has changed the tone of the papacy, lifting morale and bringing a new sense of enthusiasm to the Roman Catholic Church and to the Vatican itself, Vatican officials and the faithful say.

**Quite frankly, that is disgusting. :eek:, Pope Francis does NOT have an affinity for liberation theology. He does have a strong concern for the poor, however I hate how I would get labelled " Liberation theologian just because I love the poor. This is false and another example of the media twisting and peverting the truth into a lie. Pope Francis is awesome and I look forward to have many years of Dear Pappa reigning over Holy Mother Church. So far, so good! Love You Pappa! :thumbsup: **

the Holy Father has no affinity for liberation theology .

It’s the New York Times. I haven’t read the whole article yet, but if that’s the worst they do, it’s above their usual standard for reporting on the Church.

tru dat !

Not only that, but Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors were humble and cared for the poor. I think especially Pope Benedict was disliked so much by the media that they view Pope Francis as a sort of Rorschach blot, which they see as they want to see. I maintain an earlier prediction that once they see and realize Pope Francis will consistently uphold Catholic teaching, the self-inflicted media delusion will fade away. It has already started fading when he maintained that the LCWR must abide by Church teaching.

It depends what you mean by liberation theology. Not as the term is generally used. Certainly, the Pope has no patience for priests that would have Christ take a back seat to Marx.

We are using it as the term is generally used. How else could we mean it? He may sympathise with some of the themes some people mistakenly associate to be exclusive to liberation theology (compassion for the poor, opposing exploitation), but that is not liberation theology - it is Catholic theology.

Liberation theology advocates violence and revolution by overthrowing institutions in the name of helping the poor, but all it aims is to sow discord and anarchy by exploiting disaffection of the impoverished towards any form of hierarchy or establishment, only paying lip service to their true needs. Many people think that liberation theology has a monopoly over helping the poor, but guess what, they actually stole that from the Catholic Church, who has been advocating for and assisting the poor for centuries. Liberation theology merely takes that single aspect and escalates it to an entirely new level of violence, to the exclusion of all other important facets of Catholic faith. :slight_smile:

Absolutely not and I’m certain Pope Francis would echo the theme of our Pope Emeritus when he stated the main aspect of liberation is to be liberated from sin. And that poverty comes not just from economic conditions, but from a way of thinking and living one’s life and the choices that are freely made. Since liberation theology began in Latin America, obviously the Holy Father has unique insights on the political movement and understands how things went so wrong during the 60’s.

Allow me to second you on this. Pope Francis was tough on liberation theology advocates when he was bishop, and we are rest assured that he certainly will be now. :smiley:

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