Francis McNutt/Christian Healing Ministries


Does anyone know anything about this guy and his ministry? I know he is a former priest who was laicized. I think his ministry may be connected with the Charismatic Renewal.


Here’s his bio:

…but I don’t know anything else about him or how the Church views his ministry.


Born in 1925.

He was a Dominican priest. Got involved in the Charismatic Catholic Renewal. Wrote two books as a priest: Healing, The Power to Heal. In both of these books, he respects the Catholic faith, but definitely has sentiments towards the Pentecoastal movement.

He has written other books which I haven’t read, but have heard they aren’t as good as the first two.

At some point, he was liacized, married, and was an Episcopalian. Or, at least did his ministry under Episcopal auspices. He received dispensation to marry in the Catholic church, and so the MacNutts redid their vows.

He has degrees from Harvard and Catholic University of America.


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