Francis meets Benedict XVI on first Christmas as pope

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis visited his predecessor Benedict XVI on Monday for an informal Christmas greeting, as the Argentine pontiff prepares to celebrate his first Christmas as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics.

Francis met with the 86-year-old Benedict in a former monastery building on a hill inside the Vatican City walls where the pope emeritus has taken up residence following his historic resignation earlier this year.

The two men could be seen praying side by side in a chapel inside the residence and chatting amicably on white sofas with a Christmas garland in front of them in photographs released by the Vatican press service.;_ylt=AwrSyCPC0LhS00EAdsHQtDMD

Nice pic, I love and miss Pope Emeritus Benedict.

It’s great to see them together, thank you for posting picture.

Now there’s a nice Christmas present: seeing the Holy Father :slight_smile:

God bless them both and our holy mother Church.

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