Francis' Petrine Ministry Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

From Zenit:
Earlier this week, in his opening address to the 181st plenary assembly of the Portuguese episcopal conference, its president, Cardinal José Policarpo, said that Pope Francis asked him twice to consecrate his ministry to Our Lady of Fatima.

“Pope Francis asked me twice to consecrate his new ministry to Our Lady of Fatima,” the cardinal said.

“It is a request,” he added, “that I can fulfill in the silence of prayer,” but that would be better if “all the episcopal conference associated itself to the realization of this request. Mary will guide us in all our works and also in the way of fulfilling this desire of Pope Francis.”
This is a good thing. Deo Gratias.

This does feel like a good thing! I attend Our Lady of Fatima church in San Clemente, California. Spending more time in the Presence of God through this ministry can only help and bring grace.

Sounds good to me.

How awesome is this!!! And how appropriate for these current times in the Church.

I’m a convert and this is my first papal election so maybe I’m misunderstanding but the wording sounds odd. How and why would someone else be the person to consecrate the popes ministry? Wouldn’t that be something the pope would do himself?:shrug:

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