Francis talks previous work as nightclub bouncer

Long before Pope Francis was drawing people back to church, he was keeping troublemakers out of a bar, he told parishioners at a Roman church Sunday.

Pope Francis revealed that he once worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires — and it’s starting a big conversation on social media, calling Francis the coolest pope ever.

to think, somewhere in the world there is a guy who was thrown out of a club…by the pope!

Or maybe one who was thrown into…:slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. He just don’t look like the bouncer type. lol.

i can’t stop laughing about that thought. :smiley:

“I’m sorry, unless a miracle happens right now and God sends you your ID down from the heavens, you are not getting in.”


LOL…I’d love to see the video of that.

To conclude his work, I would like to see him bouncing false Catholics out of the Catholic religion. Of course, excommunication is a last resort, not to be accomplished overnight.

Watch out - you are going to be accused of being uncharitable.

Sean Paul

Why not rather pray he convince themselves to not be false? Though he has excommunicated a priest, so…

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