Francis tells Benedict 'we're brothers'

Pope emeritus Benedict looks very old and frail. A beautiful, touching meeting between them both.

  • The Argentine Pope flew in by helicopter from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo, where his German predecessor is enjoying the first few weeks of his retirement following his shock decision to resign last month.

The Vatican said the two popes embraced on the helipad. Walking with a cane, Benedict looked frail compared to the robust 76-year-old Argentine.

Traveling from the helipad to the palazzo, Francis sat on the right-hand side of the car, the traditional place of the pope, while Benedict sat on the left.

When they went to pray in the chapel, Benedict offered the place of honour, a kneeler before the altar, to Francis, who declined, saying, “We are brothers, we pray together.” The two then prayed together from the same pew.

The Vatican spokesman, Rev Federico Lombardi said he understands Benedict offered his pledge of obedience to the new pope, while Francis thanked Benedict for his ministry. *

Excellent video of the meeting (Italian Repubblica TV)

A Castel Gandolfo lo storico incontro tra i due papi

How wonderful it is for the new pope to be meeting with his predecessor in a sitting room and in a chapel, instead of kneeling before his grave. The latter will happen soon enough.

Thank you so much for the link. I wasn’t sure there were going to be any press there. I am very sure there is nothing to worry about concerning Benedict being a “shadow pope”. He is not power hungry and seems so ready to be retired to a life of prayer. I see him now as a source of prayer power for Pope Francis much as the nuns who used to live in the monastery were for Benedict and John Paul.

That brings tears to my eyes.

Saw the video, beautiful images

Thanks for the video!

I think he looks very well for a man of 86 who has been super busy these past 8 years. The papacy askd a lot of men, and that is hard on an aged one.

This brought tears to my eyes.

This is so cool! Thank you for posting. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page. :slight_smile:


That is kinda sad to see His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI so frail. But he still seems to be doing well. That is quite an amazing thing to see the vibrant Pope Francis I meeting with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. This is an amazing thing.

Yes, me too. I love Pope-Emeritus Benedict so much.

He’s one day older than my mother. I think he’s doing quite well. :slight_smile:

BTW my mother was born on Easter Sunday. :slight_smile:


That was the day the old Holy Father was baptized!

Amazing Story behind Icon of Madonna given to Benedict XVI by Pope Francis

Amazing Story behind Icon of Madonna given to Benedict XVI by Pope Francis

He’s 10 years younger than my grandfather who is 95 and is still alive with slight alzheimer’s. So, Pope Benedict could live many more years

And I hope he does! But it would be so sad if his amazing mind becomes clouded by alzheimers or dementia.

I have several family members with alzheimers; I will pray for your grandfather when I pray for them.

My uncle and another family member, and a man who cantored while I played organ for many years, died from Alzheimer’s. My mother had some memory loss, not Alzheimer’s but she had a stroke a year ago so she’s in an Alzheimer’s ward.

It seems to me that Alzheimer’s and even my mother’s condition can be quite merciful to the patient, and it’s hard when someone doesn’t remember things that were meaningful to the both of you. It’s hard for family members because they no longer have the same role and relationship with the patient, but as the patient’s world shrinks, so do their cares and worries. My uncle thought he was in hog heaven there because he had about 7 women and no other men in the ward. I try to look at it as “growing down,” reversing the process of socialization which gives us all of our anxiety. They actually become “like a child” again and I’m pretty sure they enter the kingdom, even before they die.

I’ll go in once a week or so and play piano music for those in that ward. They are amazingly appreciative, and once you get to know them they are all delightful in their own way. I envision that they live all the highlights in their lives, and then are gently lowered to their eventual rest.


Thank you Alan, that was a lovely post.


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