Francis: The Pope from the New World (CNBC) 11/3 3-4 pm Pacific. Second Airing of New Pope Francis Documentary

This coming Sunday, Nov. 3, the Knights of Columbus-produced documentary on Pope Francis will again be aired on national television. It will be broadcast on CNBC at 6-7 p.m. Eastern (3-4 p.m. Pacific).

The film, Francis: The Pope from the New World, features interviews with Pope Francis’ friends and associates in Argentina, as well as with American commentators such as Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and members of the hierarchy, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Archbishop José Gomez.

The world has been fascinated by our new Holy Father, but many people still do not fully know the man who is now our pope. This film introduces viewers to Jorge Mario Bergoglio — the man who became Pope Francis — and his life story, from his childhood and patronage of his local soccer team to his vocation and time as a priest, bishop and then cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires.

As Knights, standing in solidarity with our Holy Father, it is not only important that we know him but that we help others to know him, and that we support him in the work of the New Evangelization. If we follow Pope Francis’ charitable witness, we have the opportunity to change the world.

If you have not already done so, please make the time to watch this inspiring documentary and invite others you know to also view it.

For more information on the film, visit

This seems to me like Catholic News. The coming of a broadcast. And from CNBC.

Perhaps the thread will bloom more after the broadcast? I’m looking forward to seeing it.
And critiquing it afterwards. Considered posting this on the Catholic Living Popular Media thread … but thought it more appropriate here. I’m good with whatever our moderators decide of course. I haven’t always been a CNBC fan (more lack of interest than ill will of any kind) but I’m happy they are doing this.

Disclaimer: Hope the treatment is devoid of any shots against Pope Benedict or the producers recounting every Church controversy (legal or doctrinal) since the Crusades. :popcorn: It being produced by the K of C makes me confident this will not be so though.

I hope it’s good, and the KofC makes me optimistic, too.

Hmm…I have DirecTV and the guide said it was 2 infomercials/Suzie Orman Show airing during that timeslot. I set my DVR anyway. I hope the guide is wrong. :confused:

Don’t know about DirectTVs setup with CNBC … but these sources are confirming the original announcement I got from the K of C. :shrug:

Perhaps it was a sudden programming switch by CNBC, after the guide was released.

Like you, I hope you get the program.

Two things – first of all, make sure you’re looking at the right time slot. The original post says 3-4 pm Pacific. That would make it 6-7 pm Eastern time.

Also, this would be considered a paid program, since most likely, the KofC paid for the time slot.

And for all of that a family birthday caused me to miss this program. Though I’m sure it will surface again. Anyone see it? Thoughts on it?

Any reviews would be deeply appreciated.

I found it listed as ‘Paid Programming’ in two 30-minute segments, so I had to record both time slots.

It was a great biographic piece! They had the early life of Pope Francis, as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, with interviews (dubbed in English) from those who worked with him and who knew him as a child, as well as reactions from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop Chaput, and Archbishop Gomez. :slight_smile:

Thx for sharing. Been looking for interviews with Cardinal O´Malley talking about Pope Francis, with litlle success. I see both of them as holy men with very similar viewpoints on several things.
Guess I´ll have to wait for the DVD.

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