Franciscan Designator Letters/Cords

Recently the International Counsel for the Secular Franciscan Orders decreed that designator letters after a name should be lower case, ie: sfo from the original SFO.

My question is for older orders who are not tied to the current constitution or it’s rules, ie: Third Order Secular, does this also apply, or can they still use the title SFO.

I am not aware of what the older orders originally assigned to themselves, perhaps

Also on the question of apparel in the SFO, the white cord is optional, but I notice the consensus is to use the tau. However the constitution allows for the use of the cord. The cord in my opinion is a more humble designator and would elicit questions which is a good thing. The cross in my aopinion would rarely elicit any queries in this age, since crosses are seen has style statements, and generally do not attract questions or interest since people think it’s a personal thing. I’m interested in your thoughts on this.

I have never seen anything from above about using lower case! Ever. The most recent change was from SFO to OFS, to follow the Latin word order.

This is my understanding, as well.

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