Franciscan Friar signs major record deal!

Many of you will have seen the thread about the ‘mystery monk’ - I stand corrected, he is a Friar! Anyhow, we have spent a couple of weeks trying to find out who he is. I just read an article on the Independent Catholic News site and it is him!

His name is Alessandro Brustenghi, from the original friary founded by Saint Francis of Assisi: the Porziuncola in Assisi and he has signed a major record deal with Decca Records/Universal Music!

Here is that video again…

And a new one I’ve found that was recorded last year -

Amazing! :smiley:

If anyone is interested, there is a free download available on Friar Alessandro’s website!

(I recommend!)

Ahh! I am glad you discovered who he was! Looks like we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from him. It is wonderful that someone like Friar Alessandro has been given the opportunity to spread the Gospel through his music on such a wide scale.

Thanks for posting this…looking forward to the release of his album.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I feel strongly inclined to spread the word of his musical gift…

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