Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

So I will be making a trip to Boston on Aug 17th and was thinking about making a stop in NY to visit some friends. I have been very interested in the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal because I saw a movie about them and have been very interested in their work. I was wondering If anybody here has visited them or if they allow anything like this?
Thanks! God Bless

If your interest is in a vocation, you would be wise to call the vocation line and see if you may be able to just stop by. Fr. Gabriel would be the vocation director. The number is on their website. It might be best to call soon, not at the last minute!

Definitely call before stopping in. These friars are VERY busy! I have had the pleasure of staying with the Sisters in January and Vocation visits must be pre-arranged. They are constantly on the move with retreats and such.

Also, it is a prerequisite that one discuss their vocation with the Vocation Director, Fr. Gabriel. It is necessary for him, as the VD, to gauge one's interest in the order and then if everything is deemed sufficient, an aspirant may visit with permission.

I do not mean to dissuade you from visiting. By all means, if you can, VISIT! They are absolutely wonderful friars and I have been with them several times for Young Adult retreats. I learned so much! I pray that you will experience the same joy I have in their company. God bless! :thumbsup:

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