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I've been roaming this forum since years ago but never took the initiative to register as a member. But now I have question(s) about vocation to the priesthood.

I have been discerning with the Jesuit for a year now. I'm feel called to the priesthood and though my heart seems to keep coming back to the Jesuit, I'm looking for other possibilities of joining other religious orders particularly the Franciscan (OFM).

I read somewhere that to be a priest in the Franciscan isn't easy because it all depends on the community of the friar who aspires to be a priest. Can someone tell me more about this?

I'm not living in the US. I'm from Asia, a country named Malaysia.


It will honestly depend on the group you join, whether they be OFM, OFM Conv or OFM Cap. It will also depend on the mission of the particular group you join (i.e. Franciscans of the Holy Land). Some groups have higher percentages of ordained then others.

No matter what, if you become a Franciscan religious it will be up to other people whether you will allowed to become a priest. You can express your interest to the formation director and things like that, but other people will make the ultimate determination. You got to remember that the call to the Franciscan charism is to brotherhood. It isn’t a lesser position to not be ordained. Some feel it can actually be better not to be ordained because you are free to deal with other things other then the possibility of be assigned to a parish as a priest. You don’t have to make time for confession and things like that. Some are called to be a religious priest, some aren’t.

If you feel called to the Franciscan charism, speak to a formation director. Find a friary or group that interests you. They will be able to address your concerns. If it is still real early in your discernment and you aren’t ready to enter yet, at least get a Franciscan spiritual director. They will be able to help you work through any issues you may have.

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You become a Franciscan first, and it's between you, the formation director and the community which ministry you progress into.

That being said, if God truly is calling you to be a priest this will be discerned.


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