Franciscan Rule of 1978?

The 1978 Rule … “designed to adapt the Secular Franciscan Order to the needs and expectations of the Church in the conditions of changing times”. (Advent)

What were the new needs,expectations, and conditions that prompted the change in the Rule, that were not present during the period of the old rule and not addressed by it.? 


IIRC, the old Rule was the relaxed Rule of Pope Leo XIII. It did increase the number of OFS’s, but many felt that by the time of the new Rule that the Leonine Rule had caused the OFS to become more of a devotional society and not really a Third Order. IIRC :wink:

My husband was a Franciscan then and that’s his memory, too.

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In reading ancient publications of Francis’s era, I fail to see where devotion was a problem. Certainly the Minors spent a good part of the day in devotion, the rest of the time in the world living the Gospel. We could all learn from that. Devotion is clearly one of the remedies for today with it’s dysfunctional families.

As it is, I feel myself drawn to the older rule. Maybe that has to do with my upbringing in a more traditional Church. Francis and I could relate in many areas.

Towing the line as a SF raises some odd predicaments. Obligatory jurisdictions arise from the old rule’s abrogation. Following the old rule makes for a disloyal Franciscan, but creates a more virtuous Catholic. For instance, by virtue of being Catholic I’m bound to…

r10… never take an oath except when necessary, use indecent language. I should also examine my conscience every night, etc,etc.

r9 …ernestly maintain the spirit of charity among ourselves, etc.

We can see that we are not for any reason completely dispensed from the older rule, since it has it’s mirror in Catholic obligation and virtues. Many times the older rule is simply a re-wording of what we may find in Catholic literature. It’s just that now we do so in differing capacities, which is a bit strange.

Maybe I just don’t get it.

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Sorry if I wan’t clear.

The Leonine Rule apparently didn’t ask for much. A few pious practices. Not a bad thing, but not really what Francis started. I wasn’t speaking of the early years. The Leonine Rule was in effect from the late 19th century (I seem to recall 1880) until the Pauline Rule of 1978.
We have our own Minister General. An OFS.
This is unique in the Church, I believe. The other Third Orders have a religious superior. Not saying that’s bad-just different :slight_smile:

The new Rule encourages praying the LotH
(at least Lauds and Vespers)

That alone is a hugely good thing :slight_smile:

One priest we knew called them pious clubs - like a bridge club, but with prayers. Now, both prayer and action are required. Our fraternity has several outreach activities - some ongoing, others once or twice a year.

Yup :slight_smile:

And exactly what is being called from each member. :thumbsup:

Pious clubs, or prayer groups, are what each fraternity avoids. On occasion, regular meetings need to be brought back in line, so it’s normal and just a natural thing for groups to veer off course on occasion. An observant minister catches these quickly and steers them back.

I’m not certain, but if a member didn’t have his profession rescinded, he still is one. I think a notice needs to be given to the present minister. There may even be a special form to fill out.(so administrative today, hey! :D)


Uh, no OFS prior to the Pauline Rule was denied the OFS.
They were grandfathered in
Please find your local OFS

What I meant was a member does not automatically become a non member by not attending meetings, if that’s the case. :slight_smile:

OK, where I saw this is in the 78 Rule for those who are professed. I was assuming that Bonnie’s case was later than 77 Constitution, sorry. I examined the Leonin rule and can find no retraction procedure which is strange. I’ll keep looking.

Article 58

  1. The brother or sister who intends to withdraw definitively from the Order, communicates so in writing to the minister of the fraternity. The minister and the assistant of the local fraternity, with charity and prudence, discuss the matter with the person concerned and keep the Council informed. If the brother or sister confirms the decision in writing, the Council takes notice and communicates it in writing to the person concerned. The definitive withdrawal is recorded in the register of the fraternity and communicated to the council of the higher level.

If the reason that he is no longer attending is

  1. due to (God forbid ) illness, you can request to be made inactive–still an OFS
  2. due to your particular fraternity being wacky :frowning: -transfer to another
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