Franciscan Sisters Minor are back again

Does anyone have any information on the newly re-started Franciscan Sisters Minor in Ft. Wayne, IN? A part of the original group became the Poor Sisters of St. Clare, a cloistered/contemplative community & the Franciscan Sisters Minor disappeared. But, now they are back again on the Franciscan Brothers Minor website. I wrote to then at the new email address but no reply has been forthcoming. Just wondering if anyone knows anything more about the group?

Notify the webmaster. The name hasn’t been changed on the site.


Cloisters, it is a newly-forming group & has nothing to do w/the Poor Sisters of St. Clare.
I am trying to get more info on this NEW group. I wonder if they have among them some of the Sisters who did not go over to group that went contemplative or if they are totally new…
The Franciscan Brothers Minor site is always up-to-date & this info is newly posted.
Trying to find out if there is anyone on this forum who lives out in Indiana & has more news.

i went back to their site and saw what you mean. beg your pardon.

i have contacted someone i know in fort wayne, and i hope to hear from them soon.


Thank you, Cloisters!

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