Franciscan Sisters of John the Baptist,etc


:thumbsup:just to let everyone know, i found a couple of new communities.

A. The Franciscan Sisters of John the Baptist.These sisters were founded in Peoria,Illinois
on the Feast of the Guardian Angels,in October of 2006.
According to their website, their founding was a result of the intensive process of renewal in striving to lead an authentic religious lifestyle in their previous community.
It didn't mention which Franciscan community they had belonged to, but they are tradtional,wear the full habit and are faithful to the magistreum of the church.
Their address is :1209E.Lake Avenue
Peoria Heights,Illinois,61616

Another community i found was in the Diocese of Tyler,Texas
Servitores Apostolorum Institute
Residentia Beatus Vilmos Apor
P.O.Box 4025 Tyler,Tx 75712
Sister Margarita Maria Clara Igriczi-Nagy,foundress
They are an association of Catholic faithful aiming towards becoming an institute of consecrated life.The servitors are contemplative in nature.
The website is

#2 >> are you referring to this one?

the second link doesn't work.

Thank you for sharng this to us!


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