Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph

The Foundress began her vocation with the Sisters of Charity of St Charles Borromeo in Europe. The Pope requested that she separate from that congregation, and found a new community in the US. They are presently in New York.

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The pope had nothing to do with it. She was a Polish sister in what was essentially a German congregation, and she decided to found a congregation that would give autonomy to Polish sisters, rather than having them under the thumb of Germans. In this, their history was similar to the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, who broke with the German School Sisters of St. Francis.

On the FSSJs, the best place to start is: M. Edwina Bogel and Jane Marie Brach: In All Things Charity: A Biography of Mother M. Colette Hilbert, Franciscan Sister of St. Joseph [founder]. Hamburg, NY: priv. pub., 1983.

On the SSJ-TOSFs, Josephine Marie Peplinski’s 2-volume history is fantastic, especially volume 1.

It’s posts like these that remind me I don’t know anything :scream::open_mouth::hushed:

Just simply trying to interpret the website as a lead-in. Thank you for the book suggestions.

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