Franciscan Sisters TOR, Steubenville, OH

Another poster suggested that this group be posted. The Franciscan Sisters, Third Order Regular, are a vibrant new community growing rapidly in the Diocese of Steubenville, OH.


I’ve been to their Motherhouse and one of their retreats. Also to a Life in the Spirit Seminar they put on. I can truly say they are the happiest group of women I have ever met and are a true blessing. Very gracious and loving and kind. If anyone lives within a reasonable distance of Toronto, Ohio (near Steubenville) it is worth while to sign up for their Lenten retreat.

Thank you, Cloisters, for putting up the link. I was going to earlier and got distracted. :blush:

I know some of these sisters and they are very holy women!

Praise God for these His disciples and sister’s in Christ!

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