Franciscan Univ. Presents?


Yesterday, on the EWTN program w/ Fr. Scanlon, Scott Hahn, Regis M. and guest who is an anthopologist, Dr Wicker, the discussion was on Culture of Death; Marg. Mead, Kinsey, etc. were being discussed. I caught it while passing thru the tv room. Fr. Scanlon waved a paper that I think was a synopsis of this discussion or info on subj. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where I can obtain this paper? I looked at the U of Steub. website but did not find. Thank you.


I saw the show you mentioned, but I don’t recall Father waving a paper. It most likely was his notes for the show, though. In many panel-type shows, the host or moderator will have discussion notes. Have you checked the EWTN website for contact info?


They usually offered some sort of free giveaway at teh end of the show. Watch again next month and see what the phone number or whatever is. Or just call them and ask. Maybe they will refer you to the right place.


thank you. Fr. Scanlon referred to its title and I remember it had the word “lies” in it. Will check EWTN.


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