Franciscan University at Steubenville


Hi everyone,
My Bishop is asking me to consider attending FUS for a couple years in preparation for seminary. Have any of you been there? What’s it like? The spirituality? The courses? The location?


FUS Facebook would quickly get you in contact with many FUS people from many backgrounds – you could chat with the people who post messages there, if you liked them, you might like the school too.

Every person I have heard on EWTN who mentions FUS does so with much admiration. :slight_smile:


Great school - awesome classes - solid.

It’s a Franciscan school and so it’s spirituality follow more along the lines of St. Francis.
Another school that I’m sure your Bishop would approve is Benedictine College. Another great school - more awesome class and very solid. It follow the way of St. Benedict which I am partial too.

It would make sense, at leas to me, to find a school that fits more with your particular charisma and faith life that is solid. that maybe why the Bishop recommended FUS. At the same time he may not know too much about BC so…

There are others too - these two produce some great Catholic leaders and many of our missionaries come from these colleges.

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