Franciscans and Dominicans Territories


Hi all! I’m not sure where to post this, but I’m working on a project for school and I was wondering where I can find a map of the Americas –
Franciscans and Dominicans Territories. I’ve done so much researching but can’t find anything.




Francisacans are divided into provinces, probably Dominicans as well. Of course there are different kinds of Franciscans but the OFM:




I know nothing about this topic, but I followed up Michael’s comment about Dominican provinces. Here is a map showing the headquarters of each province, worldwide. A link to the website of each province is embedded in the map.

That map, unfortunately, doesn’t show the exact boundaries of each province. But perhaps those boundaries can be identified by visiting the various provincial websites?

A map showing the provincial boundaries in the United States can be seen here:


Thanks all! This is a tough one! I will check out the links y’all posted!



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