Franciscans join in on Soros-funded march


Isn’t the Chicago Diocese the home of former Cardinal Joseph Bernardin?


What’s THIS?


It’s Breitbart. You know, the bedfellows of those in the alt-right?


The alt -right is sometimes a good source of information. Certainly no worse than the ctrl-left. I just always make sure to check the basic facts. I really don’t trust any one news source.


It’s a bit disappointing that people live in black and white worlds, when in reality, there’s a lot of shades of gray.

None of the priests, as they even mentioned themselves, marched for the support of abortion. They marched in solidarity with the elements that people called for that are entirely in line with Catholic dogma; fair wages, human rights, social justice.

Also… While Soros often uses his money to fund the current protests, that’s not much different from the Koch Brothers funded “Tea Party” protests a few years back. Rich people will always fund things in their intrests, using genuine anger to benefit themselves.


Prudence is a virtue. Even if a white supremacist march also happens to focus on issues compatible with Christianity, prudent Franciscans would not join it. The fact that prolifers were excluded from these marches should tell you which was, by far, the most important issue.


I don’t think this march is appropriate for a practicing Catholic, much less ordained priests, to participate in for several reasons. Any priest who supported the march brings scandal upon the Church.

One of the primary reasons, and probably the most important reason by far, that this march was held was to support abortion and to protest against abortion restrictions. The organizers made it explicitly clear that pro-life groups were prohibited from participating in the march and that pro-life marchers were not welcome. If that doesn’t throw up a red flag when deciding to participate in this march, then I don’t know what does.

I watched many of the speeches given by the marchers that day. Virtually every one spoke out in support of abortion. There was a woman that spoke who wore an “I :heart: abortion” shirt (this is not an exaggeration).

Yes they spoke out on other issues. Not every single issue they were marching for was evil, or against Church teachings. But there are better ways to make a point about Catholic social teaching than to align yourself with groups that are rabidly pro-abortion at an event where support for abortion was the centerpiece.

I just don’t buy the argument that as a Catholic one could separate the march’s aggressive pro-abortion support from the other orthodox (from a Catholic point of view) issues they support. Would you be OK if the Church participated in a clothing drive sponsored by the KKK? After all, we wouldn’t be supporting white supremacy, we’d just be gathering clothes for the poor.

There are some other groups that might not completely line up with Church teachings that you could make an argument that it might still be OK to associate with, where the situation might be a little more “gray”. This was not one of them. This is as black and white as it gets.


I have no real bone in this thread (nor know much about the issue, yet)…but just wanted to say thanks for this which really made my day :rotfl:


I saw a pic of Franciscans in Lifesitenews in the “women” march. I felt embarrassed that they chose the March of women to assist when that March represents hate, doesn’t really represent women, much less represents me. It is also embarrassing to know that they or someone in the Church won an LGBTQIA award for whatever the cause. How can one feel good receiving an award from evil? We are the Church Militant, we fight evil, we don’t seek for common ground.

And I thought Franciscans were under vote of poverty. Isn’t wearing sunglasses a luxury to them?


Even the New York Times reported on George Soros funding 50+ partners at the Women’s March


The CC needs to open a monastery of personal and prayerful reflection somewhere in norther Siberia, where monks can re-examine their choices for a bit. They can build a convent in northern Iceland where their female counterparts can study.


I heard some pro-lifers were going anyway and I saw signs that said Abortion abuses women or something like that. Maybe the Franciscans were giving aid to these marchers…?


Churchmillitant AND Breitbart in one thread!

That’s journalistic excellence!:thumbsup:


Saw the same piece. My reaction was, Wow, if the NYT is willing to publish this opion Piece, the Soros’camp must be even more involved than I thought.


You realize Soros is just a rich dude, not a millionaire mastermind determined to bring about some kind of globalist society


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