Franciscans of Our Lady of the Holy Family

Came across them quite by accident, actually.

They seem to be orthodox, kind, and really living the original Fransciscan way.

Anyone have any experience with them?


Is this who you mean?

God bless,

Yup. Father is truly a very wonderful man. :slight_smile:

May I ask how you know of them?

Sorry, I don’t know them.

To be honest, I just copied your title and googled it. Hopefully, you’ll find some answers.

I must say, I really love your signature pictures.

God bless,

(After further research)

They have a wonderful website and a very orthodox and Marian :thumbsup::cool: Formation program. I have started:)

Luigi, how many formation programs are you in?

1 at the moment. :slight_smile:

I am finished with the formation in Confraternity of the Passion. I love Francis, too, though.

I take it that the SFO where you’re at is orthodox and in full communion with the Holy Father. Must be refreshing.

All SFO is orthodox an in full communion with the Holy Father. Each Fraternity is formed directly under the Vatican. Now I don’t know a lot about confraternities but I know with Orders usually people are supposed to have one that they are with and not have multiple callings - I know this is a sign that one may or may not have vocation with the SFO. But like I said confraternities may be different.

That is simply not true, unfortunately. I am certain that the Holy See would frown on an openly lesbian (with child :frowning: ) couple running things. I saw this. It is why I left. Again, if your group is orthodox, then you are truly blessed.:slight_smile:

To be clear, the Passionists are not allowed a Third Order canonically. The Confraternity is our “Third Order” :slight_smile:

To be clear #2…I am looking at this particular Confraternity because I have always loved Francis (and Padre Pio). :slight_smile: ie, I am just looking at the moment, mainly as a learning process. :slight_smile:

May the Lord bless you and keep you :slight_smile:

I truly appreciate your post. It has helped a great deal. (I mean that sincerely–not being a smart alleck, OK?)

If this is what you saw than there are places to take that up with. There is a Regional and National Fraternity. I would make sure that is what you saw that

a) You were not confusing SFO for OEF or (and I hope not to offend but Anglican Third Order)


b) You were not confusing two people that may have been touchy for acting in a homosexual manner.

Not saying either was the case - just things to consider. If one leaves and does not go through asking questions than it leaves unanswered questions as to why things are the way they are but yet the Rule of Order says this.

It was the SFO. My last post in this thread :slight_smile:

OK sorry to hear that one experience blackened an entire order.

The Secular Franciscan Order is one order, not many SFOs. There are over 600,000 SFO brothers and sisters around he world: married, single, secular deacons, secular priests, and secular bishops. It is an order that has a presence 114 countries around the world.

A family that huge is going to have problems and lose canons. However, it is unjust and very un-Franciscan to suggest that the SFO is not orthodox and not faithful to the Holy Father. Are there individuals who fit that description? Of course there are. Are there fraternities that fit that description? Of course there are. Is this new? Heck no. Every large religious family has suffered the same problem. The Franciscans have had internal struggles with unorthodox individuals among the friars, the nuns, the sisters, and the seculars. However, we’re still the Sons and Daughters of St. Francis.

I would rephrase that statement to say that one has had an unfortunate experience with a specific member of the order or even a specific fraternity of the order. That is more truthful and more Franciscan than tarnishing the good name of an entire spiritual family.

I stand by the Secular Franciscans, because my own Franciscan community came from the SFO and the OFM Cap. We did not break off because they were unorthodox, but for the same reason that the friar in the video says and that Mother Teresa explained about herself. It was a call within a call. Let’s avoid casting a blemish on a spiritual family that has given so much to the Church, including many saints and several religious communities that came from the SFO.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

Yes this would be a better a way of phrasing it - again I am sorry that a few individuals have given you a bad taste for an entire order.

Peace and Blessings. This community is full of the Love, Joy and Peace of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother!

The Franciscans of Our Lady of The Holy Family was started by Fr. Patrick who is a holy priest. He was influenced by the original way St Francis lived, St Maximilian Kolbe, St Collette who reformed The Poor Clare Sisters, St Don Bosco who worked with youth, and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta who lived for the service of the poor, to name a few

The community is Franciscan, committed to living out the gospel of Jesus Christ following St Francis, it is a new community who is selective in their accepting postulants. They are looking for a personal love for Jesus and a deep desire to follow Him with all their heart, a genuine joy, love and peace in ones heart, Orthodoxy, devotion to Mary (4th vow of total consecration), and deep love of the poor. They also have a strong Confraternity, Third Order

They live simply like Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity but they use technology for the good of evangelization while remaining prudent. They have a missionary feel and they are pioneers, being a new order. :slight_smile:

Go and visit! There is nothing to lose, only to gain for the glory of God! :slight_smile:

Praise be Jesus in Mary!

Since this thread was bumped:D

I have indeed found an orthodox OFS fraternity. Awesome, faithful people. I am home. :cool:

How big is the community now?


May The Lord give you His peace, brother. Have a happy and blessed feast day of Queenship of Mary tomorrow :slight_smile:

That is great you found a community you love. To God be the glory

Franciscans of Our Lady of The Holy Family just started to officially bring in friars in 2010, and is now becoming a Public Association in the Diocese of Paterson NJ under Bishop Authur J. Serratelli, S.T.D S.S.L.

There are three men in the 1st order including Fr Patrick. There are about over 20 people in the third order confraternity through Massachusetts, NYC and Italy.

God Bless you! Let’s pray unceasingly. May Our Lady of Fatima give you Peace

In Jesus and Mary

I appreciate the response. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: May St Michael Protect you, St Francis bless you, and your Guardian Angel speak to your heart always

May Our Blessed Mother intercede for you, St Michael Protect you, St Francis pray for you, and your Guardian Angel speak to your heart always. :slight_smile:

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