Franciscans: the Geste of the Great King

During my church’s fiesta de San Miguel last year I bought this book for twenty five cents from the Secular Franciscan table. I read through it a little and it was interesting, but I moved on to other reading. Yesterday I felt drawn to it again and I read all of the introductions, prefaces and forewards then I looked through the “how to use this book.” I am quite fascinated by it. I am a little confused about the suggested order of the psalms (the ones Francis wrote) so I have just been reading them in order. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do seven times a day like Saint Francis, but I am loving it so far. I feel closer to God, especially Jesus, and to Francis when I read it. I am in formation with the secular Franciscan order, as is my best friend who has done a couple of the readings with me.

Do any of you use it one or more times a day? Do you use it instead of the liturgy of hours or in addition to it? I like the LOH too, but I am really enjoying the Geste. I might stick with just it, but I am probably going to try to work in at least one LOH reading a day. (I have the single volume “Christian Prayer.”)

Any other thoughts about The Geste of the Great King?

Secular Franciscans are required to pray the LOH or Little Office of the BVM, etc.

If using the LOH, we are only “required” to pray Lauds and Vespers (Morning and Evening Prayer), though.

Having said that, if you want to use both, one can (almost) never pray too much.:smiley:

Hmm. I guess there aren’t a lot of people here with experience with this text. Oh well. I’m enjoying it a lot. I found a cd online with music written to accompany it. I think that I will eventually get the cd. One website which has a different version of the book says that it’s approved for Secular Franciscans to use instead of the LOH but I will probably continue to use both. I’m only three months into the very beginning of formation with the SFO so I am sure that all of this will be explained to me by the local formation director. I was just hoping to hear comments, opinions and experiences with using it.

Make sure that you ask about it. The LOTH can sometimes get skipped altogether. :frowning:

I am certain that this is in the Omnibus of Sources.You’ve piqued my interest. I may just try this out.
Thank you!

I think that you are correct that it’s in the omnibus. I’m about to order a copy of the omnibus because of everything else it has.

Excellent resource!

That’s what our formation director said. I looked at some of what it has in it, and I am excited to read through it. Oh, and thank you for the responses. I definitely will be sure to ask about the LOH. Our local group is having a bakesale after mass tomorrow, so maybe I will ask some folks about it then. I might just ask at the next formation meeting though. We have formation meetings once a month usually. We have the formation meeting before mass and then our regular gathering after mass. It’s an election year for our local SFO leaders this year, and they have all served maximum consecutive terms. I really hope that the next group of leaders is as excellent as our current group is. I’m sure that they will be, but I pray about it anyway.

They will be :slight_smile:

I am sure that you are already aware of it, but there is a Franciscan Spirituality group in the Groups section here :slight_smile:

Actually, I was not aware of it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

My pleasure :slight_smile:

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