Franciscans with Black habits

What Franciscan friars wear black habits?

And what any other order wears black habits?


This might help:

The name of ‘mendicant friars’ was given to several groups of ‘begging friars’ whose origins in Europe date to the 13th and 14th centuries. These friars, in contrast to the monks, moved about freely among the people, especially the poor, preaching the gospel. Recognized by their religious habits they were popularly referred to as Grey Friars (Franciscans), Black Friars (Dominicans), Austin Friars (Augustinians) and White Friars (Carmelites). The Franciscan Friars today are divided into three main groups or branches consisting of ordained and non-ordained friars: the Friars Minor Observants (Brown Franciscans), the Friars Minor Capuchin (Capuchins) and the Friars Minor Conventual (Conventuals)…
The history of the community and their distinctive religious garb is long and involved, but basically the Friars Minor and Capuchins adopted a chestnut- brown habit while the Conventuals gradually changed to black by use, but not by legislation. The Friars of the Community, the Conventual Franciscans, from the standpoint of legislation by virtue of their Constitutions and Apostolic Statues, were still wearing a grey habit until 1932. The Conventual Franciscans were the Grey Friars.

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That is if you are talking about an entire group of people wearing the same habit. Sometimes within a Franciscan order you will see people wearing different shades (i.e. grey vs. brown) and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything other then the color of cloth used to make the habit.

I believe that Third Order Regular Franciscans wear black.

There are many religious communities/orders that wear black. The mantle of the Dominicians is black. The Canons Regular of St Paul (Branibites) wear a black habit that is the mirror image of the Jesuit habit (which is also black). The Redemptorists wear a black habit as do the Paulists.

That is just to name a few.

Add to this list the Passionists, which are another mendicant congregation. The Missionary Servants of the Blessed Trinity, the Josephites and the Claretians.

Many of these are not orders. They are congregations, but they are religious.

The Conventual Friars Minor wear black or grey. It’s up to the friar. The Capuchins wear brown, grey or white. It is also up to the friar. They usually make their choice based on climate and available fabric in their region. In the USA most Capuchins wear brown and most Conventuals wear black, except is very warm areas.

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Man, the Carmelites!

What about the Carmelites??

Our habit is brown with a white mantle, this is why we are called the Whitefriars.

Benedictines wear all black.

Many orders and congregations wear black, unless they are in warmer climates. Then they wear lighter colours or no habit. Perfectae Caritatis made it very clear that the habit has to be simple, becoming, comfortable, appropriate for the work of the religious and take into consieration health.

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