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can anyone give a small desription of the life of a franciscan,and what is the difference with capuchin friars and other ones.


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I can’t answer from personal experience, but I found a few links that might be helpful:

Franciscans (OFM):

Capuchins: and

Hope these help!

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I spend a lot of time during the day thinking about whether I have a vocation as a franciscan, diocesan priest or in married or single life.

The main thing about the fransciscans that probably differentiates them from other religious orders the most is a love for the poor and detachment from material possessions.

The main difference between the capuchins and the others is that they tend to live in smaller communities. I have also heard that the capuchins tend to live are more simplistic life although I’m not 100% sure about this and whether it’s always the case.

The other two main orders of franciscans are OFM and conventual franciscans.

Capuchins I know (in NYC) live n community, do pastoral ministry, generally to wear their habits around the parish but not elsewhere, and have cable TV, computers, and Internet connections in their rooms.

*These websites are a wonderful way to start your search. Also there are many Franciscans who post in the various forums… you might find some past threads useful to you.

How far along are you in your discernment process?? Are there any Franciscan communities near you?
Please keep posting and you will find many jumping in to help with suggestions for you… Peace and All Good!*

there are capuchin friars in my town and others a bit further away,i see other orders living in monsasteries out in the country and focusing on prayer ,but im interested to know how much service the franciscans do in our communities ,like for sick people or homeless people or poor or to educate people or give spiritual counsel to people

the websites look great,i havnt read through them much yet

As a group Franciscans are known for working with the poor.
Franciscan priests may not be as involved in education as perhaps sisters… I would guess because of many being in paish work…however that being said many do teach.

To give some examples of franciscan life here on the west coast??
a) The franciscans priests and brothers up in San Francisco are very involved in social justice issues, work with the poor, run soup kitchens.
b) In malibu we have franciscans priests and brothers who run a retreat center
c) In downtown los angeles we have franciscan priests involved in parish ministry

(Basically Franciscans work wherever there is a need and have a preference for the poor.[Not saying other orders do not] … I can speak more to franciscan charisms over all and to franciscan life as lived by third order [active] sisters…or poor clare nuns.
For what specifically what ministry they may do in your own community… I would suggest that you contact vaious communities in your area to see what ministry they may focus on.

Again not knowing exactly where you live it is difficult to say. I would suggest pulling up the websites for the franciscans and finding the provience nearest you… then find what the different communities are involved in. Again with so many Franciscans the short answer would be… “Franciscans are involved in all the ministries you listed and more… and have a stong community and prayer life” Let us know where you live perhaps we can help direct you to some communities close to you… or contact the franciscans vocation directors in your area.
Blessings of Peace and Good!*

Thanks for ur reply

I live in Melbourne Australia,

I spoke to a capuchin Friar last week and he told me who to call to speak to if i wanted to make an appointment to speak to the head Priest in the nearby community of Capuchins,

I dont know how serious i am in my interest with the friars ,perhaps im afraid of wasting their time and asking silly things

But i attend a St Francis parish regurlarly and will keep praying about things and hopefully will find what im looking for


blessings of peace and all good!

thanks for ur kind responses and encouragement,

i hope i can get more in touch with some of the friars or people from other orders and see a whole new world

i believe living a religous life and a life with God can bring alot of joy and rewarding experiences

what about yourself? have you met many people who live a religous life and are in orders?

I also read there a lay people who follow St francis way of life and work for the gospel ,is there anything like that over in the US?
I know we all should be living the gospel but i just read that there is like a layorder of fransicans,


The Secular Franciscan Order is world wide and directly connected with the Franciscans. There are a few Associations that live the much more stringent 1221 Rule that St. Francis asked be written for lay people. I am a member of one of them.

may i ask what that rule is?

and what kinds of ministering things do you all do?

Sending you a PM.

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