Frank Pavone Update: Anti-Abortion Priest Is Back After A Year Of Exile

“Anti-Abortion Priest” that should really be considered a redundant term. Too bad it isn’t :shrug:

‘loyal opposition’? Sounds uncomfortably close to what every dissident and dissenter has said since time immemorial.

I’m in the Amarillo Diocese, and not sure what to make of this.

Whatever the details, I think Fr. Pavone should be ashamed for taking the tone that he has. Bishops are there to be obeyed, and he got his appeal through proper channels, but acting like he just won some sort of “just war” with Bishop Zurek was the wrong angle to take.

It makes him look spoiled and immature, whatever good his ministry is doing.

Is this a joke?

Everything in the HuffPo is a joke. Whether it is funny or not, that is in the eye of the beholder.

May God bless Fr. Pavone and Priests for Life!


It looks like a big problem with pride to me. Honestly I am really bothered by the attitude that I see coming from ordained people that think that they are more apostolic than their bishop.

Fr. Pavone has an attitude.

  1. He comes across as though he feels he is above following the regulations of both the church and the government, regarding who he reports to and the finances of PFL. That raises a red flag for me. Regardless of the importance of the issue of abortion, or any other issue, organizations and their leaders must be held accountable. Lack of accountability led to the priest sex abuse scandal; the Church doesn’t need another one with finances.

  2. I do not see the virtue of humility in this priest, which raises another red flag for me. This is a weakness that the devil will take advantage of.

Father Corapi anyone?

Boy,I sure hope not.I support Priests for Life,I am still in a state of sadness and shock re Fr. Corapi:(

This is my sense as well. I was happy that he originally seemed obedient to his bishop, but I am scandalized by the “how I got around the stupid old Bishop” talk from him and his supporters.

The pro-life cause doesn’t get advanced when we fight among ourselves.

True 'dat. Bishop Zurek has done a few things here in the diocese that I personally don’t agree with, but he’s the Bishop.

I think we need to wait to hear more before making any judgements about Fr Pavone. HuffPo is not exactly a great source for Catholic news; nor are they friendly towards pro-life. It wouldn’t be the first time a news source has taken someone’s comments out of context to make them look bad.

Thing is, no one knows what good his ministry is doing, as millions of dollars seem to have gone missing ansd other than spending money asking for more money, just was has PFL done?

Well, one thing they did was pour a lot of money into a local parish here to remake the church into an all-ES all the time parish. Sounds like Pavone: no humility, no obedience, no respect for his Bishop. Let’s make the EF the OF regardless of what the Pope says.

Meanwhile, *where’d the money go?

May Our LORD BLESS Fr. Pavone. I think this Priest will be a Saint. He is saving many babies and souls. He is a true war hero. That Collar around His neck is His red badge of Courage.

I love you Fr. Frank!! Keep up the good work!!

Keep fighting, keep saving babies!!!

Most SACRED HEART OF JESUS, please Bless and protect Fr. Frank and all the Priests for life!!

P.s. this may be a logical fallacy (Ad Hominem) , but Im going to commit it anyhow. The Huffington post is one liberal rag that I can’t even use as fertizlier.

I wish you showed more respect to Our Men in collars who are fighting for the lives of the unborn.


How exactly is he doing that?

Julia Mae, what do ES, EF, and OF stand for in this situation?

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