Franklin Graham finds it 'hard to swallow' that Caitlyn Jenner got 'Courage Award'

American evangelist Franklin Graham still cannot believe that Caitlyn Jenner, who is formerly Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, is being honoured with the ESPN ESPY Award for Courage for undergoing sex change.
“I find this hard to swallow after spending time with wounded military veterans and their spouses with Operation Heal Our Patriots — they are true heroes and their lives define courage,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Some have had 30 or 40 surgeries, not to change their gender, but to try to put their bodies back together after defending our country.”
He called Jenner a “very confused” person, and stressed that it is not right to proclaim her a “hero” before the entire world since it sends the wrong message.

I applaud Graham for speaking rationally and promoting a group of real heroes rather than an individual who is, by definition, delusional.

ESPN is a sports network desperately trying to woo viewers in an ever-expanding buffet of viewing options. It wanted to attract attention to itself… and it has done just that.

I find it really hard to swallow. I read an op/ed piece that stated that young people who also believe they are transgender will likely become more despondent due all the hoopla over Bruce. He has the cash, the contacts, the plastic surgeons, the designers to give lavish him with designer clothes, the media on his side, promoting him…
whereas the person struggling with these feelings has no one, and is more likely to say “I’m damaged goods”, I’ll never be like him , I don’t have those options, and will attempt suicide.
Now he’s touted as a hero, and set up as some kind of success story.

I agree 100%, Franklin Graham is one of the few protestant ministers that have the courage to speak the TRUTH, God Bless him. I hope many more follow his example. God Bless, Memaw

I agree with Franklin Graham. I feel the award could have gone to an athlete who is more worthy of this award for courage than Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner.

Great reason to stop watching ESPN, I won’t pay attention to an entity that seeks to draw attention to such nonsense :rolleyes:

Doug Wilson is another.

We like the word authentic, but we detest the reality. A fading beauty in Beverly Hills walks into an upscale bistro, her skin stretched out with botox, her breasts as fine a pair as DuPont could make them, her hair the color of nothing found on earth, and yet she double checks with the waiter (twice) to be sure that her salad will have hormone-free chicken. Why? Either because she is committed to going all natural, which would not seem to be the case, or because her table is only big enough for one hormone queen. She is insisting that the chicken be the authentic one.


I personally believe it’s a publicity stunt. I highly doubt Jenner will ever have an ‘operation’. He can have all the hormone injections he wants, you can’t change human DNA. As far as physiology is concerned, he remains male. Even if he has the ‘operation’.
What is overlooked is that this is a mental disorder that our culture is celebrating. Jenner’s disorder is being used by social engineers who have a sci fi fantasy about a world where people can switch genders at will.
The loser in this fantasy will be people like Jenner.

I am not a fan of Franklin Graham’s views, and much prefer his father’s. Billy Graham was also a firebrand in his youth, so maybe Franklin will likewise mellow with age. While I suppose he has a point about this, since the coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transgender condition is surely over-the-top, Franklin has an unfortunate habit of also going over the top in criticizing what he disfavors by making controversial statements, not necessarily in this particular instance.

I like Franklin Graham. He’s outspoken and defends Christianity. His “Samaritans Purse” group does excellent works of Charity around the globe.

And in this instance, of course, he is right. We live in a country where our media ignores the deaths of our military men and women and brands them cowards, but then calls a man who chooses to become a woman courageous and gives him an award.

^This a thousand times over. While I’m not going to ignore the fact that what Mr. Jenner has done took a* type *of courage, have we as a nation totally lost what true courage is? There is personal courage- which may or may not be selfish, (lets face it, robbing a bank could take courage… should we applaud that too?) then there is courage where people put their lives on the line for others which is selflessness. <that is real courage that should win awards.

I’m with what pianistclare says in that Mr. Jenner’s coming out will do nothing for those who actually suffer from this. She’s right to say that he’s got money and contacts to make it happen, and happen to the point where it seems feasible and realistic. It will delude those who have this problem even more and may cause more suicides when they don’t find the same support as he has (though I’m not really sure Mr. Jenner does have as much support as people are led to believe- just seems so when you have the media all over it…) The only thing this publicity does it put this subject out there for recognition, thought and scrutiny. I guess that is not so bad, -its good to discuss things- but to be touted as courage, I’m wary of that.

I also wonder if this is more of a publicity stunt, though I do believe he’s had some sort of problem with his orientation. I do sympathize with people who have this problem though I do not support the notion. I think there may be things that we do not understand about the mind, though I don’t want that to sound like a cop out knowing that the Word of God says this is sin.

The more the media ignores those who actually do what is right in the eyes of God, the more messed up society is going to become.

Bingo…it’s ratings. The ESPY’s are moving to ABC this year. It’s taking a story that’s fresh in many minds and utilizing it for ratings, not to “reward” an individual for “courage”.

If that were truly the spirit of the award, Lauryn Hill or Noah Galloway would have won this award walking away.

**But he didn’t’ become a woman. ** That’s the lie that everyone is being forced to believe.

He is still a man who chooses to dress and act and pretend that he is a woman… i.e. he is trying to be “womanly”. ( I put womanly in quotes because dressing up in dresses and wearing make up is not what makes a woman a woman!) That is all this is or ever will be, regardless if he ever gets surgery. Its a fact that (from what he says) this makes him more comfortable as a person. That is all.

Which media brands our military cowards or ignores their deaths? It is so easy to blame the media for virtually all the ills in our society, and I do so myself on occasion. But with regard to this issue, is it the case? Just because Bruce Jenner is getting a lot (too much) attention nowadays, does that automatically mean the military is being ignored by the media or, worse yet, regarded as cowards?

I was specifically thinking of Chris Kyle, and some parts of the media did indeed brand him as a coward (because he was a sniper) and they completely ignored his death.

Our President routinely chooses not to remark on or attend the funerals of our military members killed overseas. The MSM never calls him out on it, with the sole exception of Fox News. He will remark on the death of Whitney Houston, or Trayvon Martin, but even when a General died he didn’t remark and did not attend the funeral.

So yes, I think we have a systemic problem where our values are getting skewed in this country. And I do hold the media largely accountable for that- they do, in effect, tell people what to think. Some people will continue to think for themselves and do their own research, but all too many people simple believe what they are served up by the MSM. Disdain for our military is at the highest level I have seen in my lifetime (note that I was born the year Vietnam ended, so I didn’t see all the stuff that happened to returning soldiers then).

I did, I had an older brother in Korea and he came back a hero everyone was PROUD of him for serving his country. Later I had 2 younger brothers in Vietnam and they came back to a country influenced by Jane Fonda and her ilk. and they we’re supposed to feel ashamed. But my brothers didn’t as they were also proud to serve their country. I believe between Clinton, (shutting down bases etc.) and Obama, they are doing their best to destroy our military. Obama is also trying to destroy our Police system. God Bless, Memaw

Isn’t Jenner associated with the Kardasians in some way? I had heard rumors of a reality show of his own.
Interesting way of gaining an additional 15 minutes.

An 8-part ducu-series; so, closer to 320 minutes. And Jenner was married to the momager of the Kardasian clan.

I thought so. I’m not much for reality shows.
I’d rather pound nails into my eyeballs than watch one. :cool:

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