Franklin Graham hails Jeb Bush's offered solution to migrant crisis: Wipe out ISIS

Reverend Franklin Graham isn’t endorsing any presidential candidate, but he was very impressed by the solution presented by former Florida governor and Republican candidate Jeb Bush with regards to America’s role in the worldwide migrant crisis.

“Jeb Bush said last night in an interview with Sean Hannity that allowing refugees into the US is a bad idea if there’s no screening. He’s right. He also said, ‘We should take every Christian Iraqi and every Christian Syrian who are in a situation right now that if they stay where they are, they’ll be killed,’” Graham shared on his Facebook page.

Graham believes that Bush offered the best solution to the crisis when he said, “the best way to solve this problem, is to lead the world in creating a third way, which is to eliminate ISIS from the face of the earth. It is a tragedy that 11 million people have been displaced in a country of 23 million, and 250,000 probably have died.”

Does Jeb Bush have some sort of plan for getting rid of ISIS? As we’ve seen with previous groups like this, it’s not as easy as just bombing them out of existence. You have to kill the ideology.

ISIS would not have been as prevalent if their modern networking were shut-down. There were actually plenty of chances to keep them in check early on even after Obama ordered the withdrawal from Iraq.

Why are you wasting time on the internet? I’m sure the military would benefit greatly from your armchair assessments. Quick, get the Pentagon on the phone…

In the meantime, does someone want to answer my question about Jeb Bush’s plan to get rid of ISIS?

Hey sparky
you cannot kill an ideology. you have to contain it or displace it. that is what is being done. but it is being done in a way to destroy the western way of life too. can you not see it?

That was not a very charitable reply.

I am wondering why this thread is not in World News instead of Non Catholic religions?

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