Fraternity of St. Peter vs. Institute of Christ the King

Is there any big difference between the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King. I’m very very familiar with the Fraternity, but know almost nothing about the other “premier” society of traditional priests in America. Are the two in friendly competition with each other?

The original FSSP members all came from the SSPX (and were all/mostly French). The Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS) started differently. From their website:

The Institute of Christ the King is, for ecclesiastical standards, a very young foundation. Our founder, Monsignor Gilles Wach, S.T.D., supported decisively by the co-founder, Father Phillipe Mora, S.T.D., had the Institute canonically erected the 1st of September 1990. Originally, the young French abbé, Gilles Wach, never intended to start a foundation at all, but during the 1980’s, working for Cardinal Silvio Oddi in Rome and with a priestly association in France, he was approached by more and more young men who wanted a traditional Catholic formation to the priesthood. Finally, he decided to make an attempt to bring them together and to follow their formation in some way. Several Roman Cardinals, though, urged him to decide for the foundation of a religious community, so that the idea of the Institute took form already as soon as 1988.


They are similar, but the main difference is the ICRSS is much better! (My hopefully joining them has, of course, no influence on this fact. :wink: )

How are they much better? Are there major differences in their spirituality and formation?

I believe the ICRSS formation places more focus on community life centered around prayer, work and study based on the rule of St. Benedict, who is one of the patrons of the Institute.

But both the FSSP and ICRSS give their seminarians formation in a traditional seminary setting.

The Fraternity of St. Peter has a larger presence in the USA, but the Institute of Christ the King seems to be expanding much more rapidly at the moment. It seems likely that they’ll “overtake” the FSSP before too long.

As Caesar mentioned, the ICRSP (Institut de Christ Roi Souverain Pretre) has some very strong spiritual influences. Another of their patrons is St. Francis de Sales, and they have a motto taken from his writings, “Veritatem facientes in caritate” : “Cook the truth in charity” … until it tastes sweet. Excellent advice, especially in these troubled times. Maybe their emphasis on diplomacy and tact helps to explain why they’re having so many doors opened for them in recent months? (Bishops giving them parishes, etc.)

I have to admit, I don’t know much about the spirituality of the FSSP. As a Fraternity, they don’t take common vows… so perhaps they don’t really have a distinctive charism apart from their devotion to the TLM itself?

That said, I think the FSSP and ICRSP are both wonderful, and we’re blessed to have them. I would send my son to St. Gregory’s in a heartbeat… except that he’s about 11 years short of the usual admission age. But I’m sure they could teach him to drool in an orthodox, traditional Catholic manner. :wink:

Ah yes, Saint Gregory’s. I believe that this is the one that the Society of Saint John helped to staff before they were kicked out of the Diocese. There were allegations of sharing beds with the students. There is controversy around the school, even to today.

It is always good to get both sides of the story.

Please note that I am not judging the school in anyway, simply providing materials for you to look at if you do want seriously look into it.

I’m quite familiar with this controversy, thanks. Not wanting to spread gossip, I’ll just say that many families – with sons who were at the school at the time – don’t share the opinions of some of the more public “internet activists” as to the details of what actually happened. And the SSJ is long gone, in any case.

Again, my husband and I would have no qualms about sending our son(s) to St. Gregory’s. It seems to me that a single-sex, residential environment is perhaps the best way to ensure a well-rounded social, spiritual, and academic high school education for young men in today’s culture. (I hope the homeschooling-is-best advocates don’t jump all over me for saying this! It’s just my opinion.)

As the saying goes, there are likely to be a couple of bad apples in every bunch… and some bunches, like the SSJ, seem to have more than their share. :mad: While it’s obviously distressing to hear of priests (especially traditional priests) who are credibly accused of wrongdoing, I don’t see this as a reason to reject everything with which said priests were ever associated.

Now, I hope we can get back to talking about the differences between the FSSP and the ICRSP. (And any other traditional priestly orders or societies in good standing.) :slight_smile:

As maryceleste has wisely said, let’s get back on topic, people, or I’ll close the thread.

Yes friendly competition is a great word.

My FSSP priest often jokes about the ICRSS as being FSSP-posers.

Its good fun.

They are basically twin orders.

Both united in zeal and love for Tradition.

Rubbish. I know several families with children in St. Gregory’s. Im not sure what is the motive of this propaganda…but its ridiculous nonetheless.

An FSSP priest said the FSSP fight for tradition, whereas the ICRSS are more focused on spirituality, acting as if Vatican 2 never happened!

There’s a dream I wanna have… :smiley:

Wouldn’t we all.:slight_smile:

My parish is run by the I.C.R.S.P. and I can vouch for them and their spirituality. Our priest, Fr. Moreau, spent thirteen years in the missions in Africa before he came to us. He is a very holy and devout priest who taught my wife her catechism before she made her Profession of Faith and converted.

I have met several of the priests of the Institute, including Msgr. Wach (the founder) and Msgr. Schmitz (the Vicar General for the Institute in America). They are all quite holy and devout. I would disagree with the F.S.S.P. priest’s assertion that they act as if V2 never happened. The I.C.R.S.P. priests simply fight for tradition in a manner different than the F.S.S.P.

That being said, both groups are a blessing for Holy Mother Church.

Yesterday I Served Mass for ICKSP priest, they seem to follow more the pre 1962 Missal, yesterday priest chanted ‘Benedicamus Domino’ which was abolished according to 1962 Missal except for processions also saying things like secound confiteor, inscenced after Gospel at Missa Cantata, which where abolished according to Popoe John XXIII rubrics

I went to the web site of ICKSP. I would like to know what kind of things they found when they cleaned the old moat out.

Spies from the FSSP.

Here’s a recent clip from a ICR chapel in Chicago on a local Fox broadcast.


The ICRSS (using the abbreviation for the Institute’s latin name) uses the 1955 Missal in some places, although not everywhere I believe.

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