Fraud and reporting oneself

What is someone cheated on their taxes and repented, but was trying to pay it back or violated copyright by downloading illegal things online but got rid of it all, do they have to report oneself to authorities?

That would depend.
If they broke the law when cheating on their taxes I doubt they would be able to repay without admitting the cheating to the tax department.

As for illegal downloads, I think they would just have to get rid of the downloads. No need to go to anyone.

Joanna you are scrupulous. You know this is bad for you. Please seek help. God Bless!

Failure to report a crime you witnessed is not a crime.

Failure to right a wrong is a sin if there
Are in fact wronged parties. If you paid the taxes then you did no wrong, though it is not exemplary to be late in the filing.

You cannot wrong paperwork. It has no soul or spirit.


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