FrDavid96 - Thank you!


as I could not send this to you via PM, here it is in public.
God bless.

Fr. David,
Thank you 1st for your ministry as a priest. We need more men to realize their true vocation, and accept the call that God gives them.

I really liked your recent response to the question on intinction. I do like that you pointed out specifics of the church documents, but then went on later to assume the attempt of the priest in question being pastoral.

You are always kind and unassuming in your responses here, and very educational as well. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you!

May God bless you in your ministry,



Yes, thank you Father David for all your educational posts.
Happy Father’s Day!!:slight_smile:


Thank your from the English/Irish province, where we definitely need more priests, and where the people need a good I was going to say a good kick but since I am now a Catholic and not Jewish I will say a good holy priest like the priests on EWTN who sock it to the people especially Fr. Wade we need a few thousand of him.


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