Fred Price

Does anyone know of a Catholic perspective analysis/commentary on Dr Frederick K.C. Price and his Ever Increasing Faith Ministries?

Starting with . . .

. . . it is worth note that both of his doctorates are honorary (i.e., unearned).

He is in the “Word of Faith” camp, along with Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, and others, and the same Catholic perspective would apply to him as to the others.

A Catholic’s perspective analysis/commentary on Price:

yes, I know who and what he is, I’m looking for a Catholic analysis/commentary on his preaching/teaching/surmons. not each and every surmon, more a higher-level analysis.

You’re not likely to find that. Price is not exactly high on the radar of Catholic apologists, to mix my metaphors. My own point was that whatever Catholic analysis you might find on the Word of Faith doctrine in general would also apply to him.


Ah, ok. To save me time, do you know a good starting point for Catholic analysis of WoF?

what a wonderfully perfect error free life you must lead.:bowdown2:

My life is anything, but error free! I am always thankful for help!

Google is your friend. Search on the string “catholic analysis of word of faith movement”.

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